New beginnings


20130105-195042.jpg Well!

I have a new job!

(I didn’t see that happening so soon).

I’ve had to wait to say anything because I wanted it to be more… set in stone?  but my old position has been advertised and I’m all ready to sign.  I’ll start within the next 3 weeks, as they have just hired my new boss.  They think.  Hopefully.  Damnit, I hope I am not jinxing it.

This year I added the picture to the left to my resolutions post in hopes that I could find a role that was more fulfilling and had a better salary.

I’ve never really hated my job, or felt it was beneath me, or thought the salary was crap.  It’s not.  It was a leap above what I was on before, and the work was what I made it.  Over the last two years I have improved processes, changed the way my team works and greatly changed what I do day to day into something interesting.

But.  I am capable of more.  2 years is too long to do a job that doesn’t excite and challenge you on a long-term basis. And luckily my boss agrees.

So I’m not sure when I start.  But my new role involves more technical work, a creative aspect and less of the boring “bumf” that I do.  Oh and hopefully less event-related schtick.  I’m not into organising or working with events at all!

So hurray! Go me!

Tick that one off the list.




Coming soon:  police shift life, shul, being grateful/gracious and Shop My Closet.


Well that was.. special.


While taxiing down the runway, preparing for take-off, the cabin crew on our 7am flight this morning were in the process of explaining the emergency exit procedure (including how to open the door) to the passengers seated in the exit rows.

One bright spark sitting right next to the door decided that he would test opening the door as he was being briefed.
So the plane returned to the gate, I returned and put the airbridge back on, and we waited for the engineer to clear the plane for disembarking. Again.
And off it went again at 7.18am.
I wonder how stupid that guy feels.. but at least I had a laugh.

Mmm drugs.


Yeah so I’m glad I bought my wee jar of 500 advil when I was in SF. That stuff really does the trick. I had to leave an area halfway through my shift today to dose up on some more.

Teeth are better, and seem to be coming through okay. I’ll give it a bit more time, and if there’s a lot of pain, then to the dentist I shall go.
In other news, my shift today seriously sucked, what with delays, cancellations, angry passengers and it all of course being my fault that a plane was broken (come on, people), but I am home now, in bed, talking to D.. things are fine. Sleep-in tomorrow, watch some crappy TV, go to work, and then Sunday is a 3 hour shift, Monday just under 6, and then Tuesday is freedom.
And then the 7-day cycle starts again. I need the money, but phew am I glad I’m not taking any overtime for New Years’ Eve or Day. Screw that.
I’ll work Xmas but leave me my drinking!



I wish it was. It is for you guys, but the concept of a ‘weekend’ is a strange one to me.

I work every weekend, with one free every 7-8 weeks, which I usually give up to work, anyway. My ‘weekend’ is different every week, what with working 6 days on, 2 off, and I enjoy having the time free on a weekday when everyone else is busy. Mainly? NO TRAFFIC.

Man, you’re all morons on the conventional weekend. Driving to work on Saturday and Sundays is one of the most frustrating things in existence. No one seems to be actually going anywhere, or they just don’t care. The speed limit is suddenly 10km/h less for most, and no one indicates or gives way. It makes my head explode.

I also love having an empty apartment (not that I don’t love Andy), so I can write, rest, get some washing done and generally mellow out in silence. Ah, time off. Can’t wait ’til Thursday.

Better go to work!

3, 2, 1, blast off!


Number of bobby pins in my hair today: 12

New ladders in my pantyhose: 3

Planes I touched: 4

Hours spent learning about Dangerous Goods: 4

Seats on an Airbus A320: 144

Number of days left in initial training: 46

Dernier of regulation pantyhose: 15

Can you tell I have a new job? I’m only 3rd day in, but soon I’ll be checking bags and taking boarding passes and making those annoying calls over and OVER for Mr JONES WOULD YOU PLEASE COME TO YOUR GATE (YOU TWAT).

I’m currently shadowing people and trying to learn as much as I can. Highlights of today include:

  • Passing my dangerous goods exam and adding another card to my passes
  • Spending an hour on the tarmac, where I ended up meeting new faces
  • Lowering the trebble! (cargo lift/rollers vehicle)
  • Driving the push-back vehicle (pushes the plane away from the gate) – well, back and forth in a line, without a plane, of course.
  • Standing underneath (and touching, of course) the Airbus A320.

I’m loving it so far, and I’ll let you know more when I’ve been there longer. But I think I’ve struck a gold job.

(Apologies for my absence of late, another new post this weekend!).

Corporate conundrums


Why, if I am typing furiously and looking stressed, do you stand and wait for me to finish so that you can request an order of more coffee beans? And if I say, “I can type and listen, feel free to speak”, why do you reply with, “Oh no, I can wait.”
I don’t want to stop for you.

Why do people always stand in-between the two automatic doors, making them open, close, open, close, open, close, and send all the papers flying from my desk in the wind? Make a decision, people. In or out.

Why is it that those with the highest salary and position appear to do the least amount of work? Is it because they fought their way to get there? Or because they have so many minions?

I’m sorry, why can’t you photocopy? You’re just standing there chatting about the weekend, drinking your coffee. Oh I’m sorry, do I have Konica stamped on my forehead?

No, giving me something half an hour before your deadline is just fine. I have all the time in the world. No really, I’ll drop everything. Just for you.

Why do new staff get greeted with a “welcome aboard”? Are we on the Love Boat now? Where’s Isaac? I need a drink.