Dressember 2012: Days 16-20


So after this, I kinda fell off the bandwagon.  Cold + holidays (so a lot of time in pajamas) + shopping trips in jeans = laziness. Pure laziness.

Here are days 17-19, really, as 16 and 20 didn’t happen…:



Coming up: movie roundup, 2013 thoughts!



Dressember 2012: Days 11-15


Been a bit naughty lately, with 2 days off (1 was “Christmas jumper day” at the office – 14th as below, the other was just a total cba attitude yesterday).  But here are 4 more dress days.





Dressember 2012: Days 1-5




As with last year, I am doing Dressember again! Fellow blogger babe Blythe Hill started this project back in 2009 and this year is doing it with the same dress every day (albeit with several “copies”!) but I am just trying to go through my massive dress collection.

(I’ve already had one repeat because I got a bit excited over a new dress.  Oops).


Here’s Days 1 through 5:

JOY / H&M / ASOS / H&M / Vintage

 Anyone else doing Dressember this year?



Inspired (as I often am) by Sarah-Rose, I am participating in Dressember.  This means I am trying to wear a dress (or skirt, if necessary) every day of December.  Which is proving hard in these wintry temperatures, but obviously layering is key. As long as I don’t tumble too often on the ice, it should be fun..

June 7th-10th

Carrying on my catch-up so I can go back to posting daily.
June 7th was a little cooler.
Top: Valley girl!, New Zealand, 2007.
Skirt: Uni Qlo, London, 2009.
Boots: Canada sales store, Victoria BC, 2009.
June 8th and 9th I was sick in bed with maybestrep which turned out to be sorethroatthing. I didn’t really get changed for 2 days, which is gross I know, but hey, sickness.
Football top: Wellington Phoenix (Dave’s).
June 10th (today) I was back to work and made no effort at all.
Top: Pagani, New Zealand, 2007.
Trousers: H&M, Edinburgh, 2009.
Heels: NEXT, Edinburgh, 2009.

June 3rd-6th: What I’m Wearing

June 3rd was what I call my “FCUK catalogue outfit”.

Dress and jacket: FCUK, David Jones Australia 2010.
Boots: Canada sales store, Victoria BC, 2009.


June 4th was another sunny day.
Dress: Urban Outfitters, New York, 2006.
Jacket: FCUK, David Jones Australia, 2010.
Heels: NEXT, Edinburgh, 2009.
June 5th I went to meet a photographer in Bruntsfield. This photo is a cheat one, taken on a later date when the clothes and myself had dried completely after my drenching on the day.
Sparkly strap singlet: Lippy, New Zealand, 2008.
Skinny jeans: Just Jeans, New Zealand, 2009.
Jacket: FCUK, David Jones Australia, 2010. (hmm a pattern here..)
June 6th was a lazy Sunday.
Jeans: Lucky, San Francisco, 2008.
Hoodie: Target, Australia, 2010.