New Zealand 2014


Below are some pictures of our most recent trip to NZ in April-May (Instagram):



And some camera shots from my Dad’s birthday (I also photographed our wedding venue, but you’re not getting to see that!):




Pity I didn’t use the camera a bit more – I think I was just enjoying it, without trying too hard to capture it.


Under 9 months to go til we go back!








[500th post on the blog!]

Dear Wellington, I love you.

20 things to do before leaving your home town..

When I originally thought about writing this post, I had no real ideas. Well, maybe two or three, but definitely no heart-wrenching sentimental tasks to complete before I leave.
And I have a confession: I’m really not that stressed about the recession.  I’m generally someone who tries to be ridiculously-optimistic all the time and has a lot of faith in things working out, but well.  Then Wellington icons started closing down. First Dorothy’s shut its doors, and now Espressoholic. And the latter isn’t even having financial issues.
So it got me thinking. What’s my favourite place in the world, really? I mean, I’m obsessed with New York. It’s been top of the list forever. But what about Welly? Do I take it for granted? And yeah, I really do.
Wellington’s a fantastic town. Forget the wind. The places, the people, the beautiful harbour.. I’m proud to be from Wellington. And I am truly sad to be leaving Wellington for an indefinite period. 2 years? 1 year? forever? let’s hope not. 
So I have compiled a list, with some help, of things that I really want to do before I leave this city. In no particular order.. (and edited as I complete..)
1. Spend a day somewhere in the Wairarapa. Well, not exactly Wellington. But it’s in the region! Check!
2. Museum day! Te Papa, National Gallery, the New Dowse etc.
3. Kaffee Eis, Espressoholic, Fidel’s, Midnight Espresso.. Best cafes/treats around. Check on Espressoholic, sad sad sad.
4. Spend one (or two) day(s) photographing Wellington. Check on one day!

5. See a film at the Embassy. Check! Though I’ll go again.
6. Spend some time in Cuba Mall people-watching and watching the Bucket Fountain. Check! Love to repeat if I can.
7. Mt. Victoria lookout. Maybe take a picnic, take photos, day or night.
8. Ride the cable car.

9. Walk around the waterfront.
10. Karaoke night with friends at a booked room at Taste of Korea. Check! And it was rad.
11. Night out on the town! Good old Wellington nightlife, crappy though it may be sometimes.
12. One last Kiwi BBQ with friends.

13. Matterhorn, Mighty Mighty, Kitty’s, Alice. My favourite (Kitty’s for nostalgic reasons) bars in Welly.
14. Do the Vertical Bungy or the pedal cars around Oriental Bay.

15. Visit the Weta Cave, Miramar.

16. Lambton Quay: Kirks, Old Bank Arcade, lazy Wellington window-shopping.

17. Have lunch at the Beehive! Check! Thanks, Sarah-Rose!

18. Sushi from Midland Sushi, hang out in the park.

19. Days Bay – icecream, walking, or just sitting by the water.

20. Sit in Wellington and just enjoy it all moving around you.

What a town. Wellington photo post to come (or you can check em all out: here).