Just now



We’ve had a re-design! (why do blogs always say ‘we’? it’s just me. Hello! I’ve had a re-design). If you’re seeing this in a reader, click the page for once and have a look-see.

Otherwise, here is life for me just now, inspired by Sydney’s lovely post from September

Making:  a ridiculous amount of mulled things for our housewarming. Last night I made mulled cider, mulled juice and bought mulled wine…
Cooking: I’ve been doing lots of the cooking lately! Curries and stir fries and fish with wedges and very basic things. We loved having a few HelloFresh boxes but it may be January before we can afford one again.
Drinking:  I’m weirdly-obsessed with drinking tonic water. Dave hates it but I love the taste on its own, especially with some lime.
Reading: Last book I finished was Meta by Tom Reynolds, which is a good wee sci-fi and a debut novel from one of my my favourite podcasters.
Wanting: Many things, mainly for the house. At the moment, I just want tidiness over material things.
Looking: Very tired, I imagine. It’s been a long week.
Playing: A lot of bad MTV on my TiVo.
Wasting: Some food – I had to throw out some stuff in the fridge I hadn’t noticed until last night… because I was too short to see it!
Sewing: Nothing, my machine is still in storage.
Wishing: For a long sleep and a lottery win.
Enjoying: Rehearsals for Brigadoon – it’s coming along really well.
Waiting: out the year – 2014 is hopefully going to be a great one.
Liking: The crisp weather.
Wondering: when it’s going to snow.
Loving: my Dave and our new home.
there are no huge expenses in December – we’re tapped out with everything going on!
Marveling: at everything that has happened this year.
Needing: sleep, more allergy pills, a few days off.
Smelling: a lot of the lovely candle my colleagues bought us – it’s burned every night since we got it.
Wearing: comfy, casual H&M favourites – skinny jeans, slouchy baseball tee covered in stars, boots.
Following: the many thanksgiving posts on instagram and facebook – looks like everyone had a good one. And how neat that it falls on Hanukkah. Gobble Tov!
Noticing: that finding loyal people can sometimes be tough.
Knowing: that there are great things in store for me and D.
Thinking: about the miracle of Hanukkah.
Bookmarking: lots of winter recipes.
Opening: my eyes a little wider.
Giggling: at Friends on Comedy Central for the billionth time.
Feeling: thankful, tired, accomplished, happy.