Less than 30 days…


I get an exciting piece of mail and share some thoughts on the move and my progress towards it.





Catching up


So I feel like I’ve been buried in sand for a while, trying to catch up to myself. I have been so busy throwing myself into this new job, that suddenly my life has caught up with me and I am shocked at how much crap I have let slide. And how much has been going on lately!

For starters, I haven’t emailed anyone back in well, ever. I’m putting out a PSA right now to let you all know that I care, but sitting on a computer after a 5.30am shift is not really my game plan. I watch something and fall asleep on the couch, because I’m an old lady.

3 good friends have left the country, and 1 has moved to a new one. I’m impressed with how international and cosmopolitan we are all becoming. I only wish I could follow, but not yet.

Neha is now in Melbourne and settled in, moving into a new flat with Katya. I hope she finds a job soon and finds it okay doing all the cooking and laundry, etc. It’s really hard living away from your mother. I should know.

Tim has relocated from Osaka, Japan, to Zhangmutou, China. It’s a learning curve, I think, and probably a good challenge for him. He pretty much conquers anything he tries to do in life, so I am expecting great things… as long as his job stays enjoyable for him.

And the Burkes. Well. I haven’t brought myself to write a proper post yet, but I miss them terribly. It is very weird not having the contact with them that I used to, and as much as I wish them the best, I think it is going to take some adjusting! I hope they make lots of new friends, but don’t forget the old ones (like little old me).

And in life? Well! We are starting our renovations soon, and I will be living downstairs in the music room, which is going to have its advantages and disadvantages. I’m thinking of embarking on a new project where I write a new song every week, even if it is crap, even if it is 30 seconds long. And I’ll try and post a video of me playing it or an mp3. It’s my way of bullying myself into writing.. but we’ll see if I actually get it set up. It might be something for June.

Every day I have been at the gym. This doesn’t sound like much, but hell. I have gone every day. This is seriously impressive for me. I am really wanting a change with my fitness (and certain aspects of my appearance). I’ll keep you posted.

And finally: David Bain is FREE! He is out on bail, after the privy council declared that his original trial was a “serious miscarriage of justice”, and he is up for a possible retrial. He went to jail at 22 years old, for allegedly murdering his entire family, and has maintained his innocence ever since, even though it has denied him other possibilities for parole. He is now 35 and his long-time supporter, ex-All Black Joe Karam, is moving him onto his farm until the retrial thing is finalised. I am so very excited. I have always believed he was innocent, and read Joe’s book several times, and was always very interested in any piece of news on it. When he left the court yesterday, the crowd outside cheered. I couldn’t help but feel emotion – how amazing for him, and for Joe. I only hope that the retrial never happens, or that it does, and he is completely exonerated. There was so much evidence left out and he not only had to lose his entire family, including finding them all brutally slain, but has had 13 YEARS in prison. I am keeping my fingers crossed and my ears open.

I’ll have more to say soon, but I still have a lot to catch up on, both online and off, so I will be more insightful and wordy another day.

Work work work


Laundry time.

I get a lot of satisfaction out of domestic chores. It’s just getting started that’s the problem.

I look at my house lately with all the piled up washing, living room clutter and kitchen smears and sigh. It frustrates me and I have a burning desire to clean. But I have no time or energy to do so.

Last night I had a wee soiree at home. And we made quite a mess. I spent today doing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, doing the washing, sorting out the mess Finn’s made on the lawn and vacuuming. I feel like quite the domestic woman. And of course, there’s the constant looking over my shoulder, making sure the dog isn’t destroying the rubbish or choking on plastic. That makes me feel rather maternal as well!

Life has been so eventful lately that time has been passing in a blur. I haven’t been able to write much at all, or even touch the piano. The EP launch party isn’t finalised, and I worry that people are going to lose interest if I don’t get that sorted soon.

My parents get back from their whirlwind trip of Europe+Egypt on Wednesday, and I’m looking forward to it. I have a strong bond with my family, and my mother and I are especially close. I feel empty when she’s not around, like something is missing. It’s strange not talking to her everyday.

Tomorrow is filled with more chores, like sorting my bedroom, putting away the clean laundry and moving some of my own things back into my bedroom. I’ve taken over the house and made it my own, and I’m trying to remember how everything was put when they were here. It’s easily remedied, but I don’t want Ma to have to stress about things like that when she’s back.

I better get some sleep. The days are flying by, and I need to start working to fit more into them. I need to put more of a focus on music, and start trying to make progress, rather than trying to fill in my time with relaxing and sleeping. It’s like a cup I can never fill – I’m always tired. I need to stop worrying about changing it so much and just work with it. It’s been nearly 5 years since I got sick and I’m still working through that.

I hope you’re all well and trying to make the most of your days. I’m looking forward to the sun returning for good. I’m sure it’ll help my energy.

Let it snow.


Snow snow snow.

When I was little and I asked my Dad if it would ever snow in my valley, he told me no. So I asked him how cold it would need to be. He hemmed and hawed and finally said, “I’d say under 3C. Maybe a little lower.”

The past few weeks have given us 1 and 2C mornings. Frost. Frozen up car windows. Icy lawns. Who knows how low it dropped in the night.

But no snow. Sigh. Someday soon I’ll live in a country with snow (after Australia, of course, as I hardly expect it there), and I’ll probably get very sick of it. But for now? Snow is glorious.

The mornings have been quite nice, however. I like stepping outside in my coat, scarf and gloves, and pouring water all over my car. It feels like a real winter. This morning I let Finn out the back door to feed him and let him run around a bit, and there was the most beautiful sunrise. Of course, I was without my camera. He ran around a little bit and then barked and barked and barked until I put him back inside. He’d much rather follow me around the house from place to place (while trying to steal anything he can that has been left on the floor) than wander around outside on his own. At lunch today I’ll let him hang out with me while I clean up the kitchen.

My life is finally back to normal, with just the 40 hours of work now that I’ve finished my night course. My exam last night went well, but you never know with these things. I need 75% to pass.. so we’ll just have to wait and see if I am good enough to be certified as a bartender (woop!).

And then I can shake my way around the world, pouring cosmopolitans for the Aussies, champagne cocktails for the French and seabreezes to the Canadians. Or anything, really. I just think it’s going to be really fun. I’m going to try and create my own drinks, as well.

Stay warm (or cool, depending on where you are!)

Show us your Manson Lamps


When people start to complain that you haven’t posted in over a week, it’s kinda flattering.

Well, actually, it’s really flattering.

I’ve been pretty busy. I’m currently organising recording my EP and I’m a bit swamped at my admin job. My internet went down at home yesterday (on the day I usually try to write a decent entry) and I spent most of it at a friend’s place as I’ve been roped into being her personal trainer. We stretch and grunt together (in the cleanest way possible) and end up killing our abs. Then we watch the next two episodes of The X Files (she is up to Season 5 and getting through it slowly), and I head home.

I’m currently reading Helter Skelter, The Manson Murders, except the copy I’m reading has the infamous “Manson Lamps” (tm. Pamie) photo on the cover. I mentioned this to my mother, expecting her to roll her eyes at me, as I am always reading something like this – conspiracies, JFK, morbid subject matter.. but she just nodded and said, “Your father would like that.”

I can just picture my Dad in bed with his glasses on (or even Mum’s, which he has been using of late), lying on his right side with the book under his lamp, reading intently, with Charles Manson’s wide-eyed face staring out at me in the doorway. Hee.

A more substantial entry is coming tomorrow. I’m a bit too busy with work today, and I don’t know how they’d feel about me spending all of my work time today here (though I am always surfing a lot anyway). Hell, it’s nearly lunchtime! Time to go home, make a sandwich and read more creepy tales of just how twisted Sadie Mae Glutz was. Fun!