Top 5 things said this time of year


1. “Indication would be awwwweeesome.
2. “Why are you stopped? move ASIDE.”
3. “That’s not on sale. How can that be the sale┬áprice?”
4. “He got me a present? Aw, crap, now I have to buy him one.”
5. “Happy Holidays!”

Oh and the serenity prayer. Except I’m asking to help me refrain from murdering random strangers by mowing them down with my car outside Queensgate.

Merry Christmas!




I wish it was. It is for you guys, but the concept of a ‘weekend’ is a strange one to me.

I work every weekend, with one free every 7-8 weeks, which I usually give up to work, anyway. My ‘weekend’ is different every week, what with working 6 days on, 2 off, and I enjoy having the time free on a weekday when everyone else is busy. Mainly? NO TRAFFIC.

Man, you’re all morons on the conventional weekend. Driving to work on Saturday and Sundays is one of the most frustrating things in existence. No one seems to be actually going anywhere, or they just don’t care. The speed limit is suddenly 10km/h less for most, and no one indicates or gives way. It makes my head explode.

I also love having an empty apartment (not that I don’t love Andy), so I can write, rest, get some washing done and generally mellow out in silence. Ah, time off. Can’t wait ’til Thursday.

Better go to work!