24 Photos


(thanks Sarah-Rose for the idea)

1st A picture of you


2nd A picture of you at home.


3rd A picture of you with friends.


4th A picture of someone you admire – (Ma).


5th A picture of you that was taken last summer. (Last summer was all about shows and 60s hair…!)


6th A picture of someone you love.


7th A favourite picture of you.


8th A picture from an excellent evening.


9th A picture of your room. [Do you mean bedroom? As an adult living just with my man, I have all the rooms!] 




10th A picture of your favourite animal.


11th A picture of your future dreams.  [Babbbiiiieeeessss….]


12th A picture of someone you miss.


13th A picture of some of your favorite things.  [Clooooottthhhesss]




14th A picture of you that you did not know that it was taken.


15th A picture of one of your favorite quotes. Life-is-what-happens-to-you-while-you-re-busy-making-other-plans


16th A picture of you as a child. [This is actually a screencap from a show I did. Is 13 a child? I don’t have anything else online!]



17th A picture of you as a teenager.


18th A picture of your family. 164878_493710508370_1600739_n


19th A picture of you today. photo




20th A picture of your wish list this year.  [Not Christmas, just in general…]collage

[Slow cooker / record player / food processor / watch / new lens / iMic / Lumie wake-up clock / dressmaking model / leather skirt / wireless speaker]


21st A picture of you when you are sad. 


22nd A picture of you when you are happy.  


23rd A photo that best describes your mood today.  [Don’t mess with me!]


24th A photo from a previous Christmas.


Day Nineteen: Nicknames

Day 19- Nicknames you have and why you have them

I have had many nicknames over the years!

Kat – The obvious first one began at around 13, when I started playing an online MUD (yes, I’m a nerd) and wanted to try and be a little private about my real name (the internet is a scary place, y’all!). I’d had this odd obsession with the name Katarina for as long as I can remember.. it just seemed so grand and romantic and exotic compared to Katie. I was nervous about revealing too much about myself at the time, so I decided to adopt it, and it spun from there. I started using it more and more with online accounts and then more in real-life situations, and then… well, the rest is history. I adopted the stage name Kat McKenzie for songwriting at around the same time.

Stargirl – Coined by my big brother when I was looking for a name for the MUD. Love stars. Enough said, really.

Gypsy – Blame Davinia for this one. Her favourite Fleetwood Mac song was Gypsy, and she sort of saw me as a nomad and free spirit. I’m unfortunately a lot more grounded and less hippyish than I was as a teenager, but I still like the name and have used it a little on and off.

Kitkat, kittykat – Yeah. Pretty self-explanatory. Many a user of these and other cat-related jokes.

Kate/flossy/chick – My mother only.
Sis – My brother only.
Katie-potatie – My sister (and now her children) only.

Can’t think of any others but people are very fond of giving them to me, so this may be amended at a later date…

Day Eighteen: Goals

Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have

Well. If you’d asked me 10 years ago, I would have had a very comprehensive answer on this, with a detailed plan that was full of confidence and bravado. Dreams of stardom and success by 21 have long disappeared, and my only current plan is this:

To stop really planning.

Now, I don’t mean altogether. I will plan trips, plan where I’ll live in a year or so, plan my finances. But I’m going to stop planning what my life will be like in 5 years and expecting it to happen. I just can’t predict it or expect it to happen the way I used to, as it has lead me to disappointment, confusion and well, it kinda destroyed my confidence for a while. I was certain that some things would happen in my life and career, and they just haven’t, and rather than be depressed about it at this stage, I’m trying to turn it into a positive and remind myself that life is better when it’s spontaneous, relaxed and just living day-by-day.

I still have dreams and goals. My only two dreams in life have always been: to be a musician and to be a mother. That has not changed. I’m more realistic now about where my music dreams will probably go, in the fickle and ever-changing business that we now have. But I still want to play, write, record, tour, express. And I will, regardless.

Kids have always been on the radar, and I am the cluckiest woman alive. They will come when they come, when things are settled and money is less tight. And when I have the right sperm donor. (Kidding, kidding). I am excited just thinking about that. And like I’ve said before, I am really looking forward to being a stay-at-home Mum for the most part. There’s no job I can think of that will be more rewarding for me.

So what an exciting future I have to look forward to.

Day Seventeen: Switching lives

Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

Hmm. My first reaction was Dave, to be honest. How fun would that be? I could totally get into his head and I’d totally be so much better at video games.

But I think honestly it would be Sarah Slean, Sarah McLachlan, or Tori Amos. Play using their talent, their voices, with their hands, and feel what it’s really like to be successful in what I love to do.

A nice dream.

Day Fifteen: 10 Songs

Day 15- Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play

I haven’t used my actual iPod in a while (well apart from as a wake-up tool on my Hello Kitty iPod alarm clock), so here are the first 10 songs that play on my iPhone:

1. Dixie Chicks – Not Ready to Make Nice
Wow. It’s been ages since I heard this. I have just done a wipe of my iPhone and added new tracks, including some old favourites. This song really struck a chord with me when I first heard it, and the video is really really good.
“It’s a sad sad story when a mother will teach her daughter that she oughta hate a perfect stranger..”

2. Chris Tse – Be Still, Be Brave
Short and sweet but kinda addictive, my friend Chris’ song is stuck in my head constantly.
“If you let it be.. if you let it be..”

3. Florence and the Machine – Dog Days are Over
So catchy and bouncy and just, good.
“Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father..”

4. RENT – La Vie Boheme
One of my favourite songs ever from a musical: I still know all of the words.
“Let he among us without sin be the first to condemn!”

5. Bic Runga – Hey
I love her early stuff and decided to reload the Drive album onto my iPhone this week. I just.. love the way she sings this song.
“What’s it to ya? You’ve been questioning why all day..”

6. Feist – 1 2 3 4
Another reload. This song always makes me happy. The Sesame St version is pretty amazing, too.
“Money can’t buy you back the love that you had then..”

7. Joni Mitchell – River
One of her best.
“I wish I had a river I could skate away on..”

8. Charlotte Martin – Cloudbusting
Charlotte’s version of this Kate Bush classic is pretty heartbreaking. One of my favourite covers.
“Keep it special, keep it dangerous..”

9. Taylor Swift – Mine
Yeah yeah, okay. Sshh you.
“You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter..”

10. Rufus Wainwright – Chelsea Hotel No. 2
I just can’t skip past this. Ever. His rendition of this song is just so stellar; so sublime it makes my inner musician cry about never ever sounding this good.
“Those were the reasons, that was New York, we were running for the money and the flesh..”

Day Fourteen: Family

Day 14- A picture of you and your family
I obviously haven’t spent much time with my family in the last 18 months, so this is old, but!
(You’ve probably noticed, but I’m just carrying on doing these posts when I can, rather than trying to catch up to anyone else’s timescales. I have enough goin’ on!)