Hey, friends. Back after a wee hiatus – work and life have been busy, and it’s hard keeping up with routine. I thought I’d post a currently catch-up. It’s December! The year is winding down! It’s weird. 2015 feels like a blur.



Reading:  I’ve been catching up on The Walking Dead comics – I’d only read up to #120, so now I’m catching up to #145. I love the twists and turns in the story and seeing where the show goes with it as well.  I’m also about to start Rise of the Circle, the 3rd book in my buddy Tom Reynolds’ Meta series. If you like superhero YA fiction, it’s worth a read.

Thinking about:  This year, man. It has just disappeared on us. It has been a really important year. And now 2016 is peeking its face around the corner. Everything is starting to become super Christmassy around here, even though we don’t have a tree to decorate just yet. It’s so dark again (3:45pm sunsets, anyone?) and some heavy snow hit other parts of Scotland over the weekend. None for us yet, though I did get snow boots on Saturday..


Listening to:  The Christmas tunes are creeping in, but in all honesty I’m probably listening mostly to podcasts still. The list is below…

My favourites:

The Complete Guide to Everything
Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4: News Quiz
The Indoor Kids
The X-Files Files
Sword & Scale
Rhod Gilbert’s Best Bits
The Nerdist (selectively)
The Dollop
Gilmore Guys
If I Were You

Yeah, this is a lot, but I listen all day at work! I may do a post at a later date with some more info and some suggested episodes to start people off. Podcasts are one of my top passions in life.

Watching:  I’ve become a bit obsessed with Flesh and Bone, a new ballet drama which is a hell of a lot darker/twistier than any ballet drama I’ve seen before. We’re also watching The Man in the High Castle. Compelling stuff!



Trying:  To get back into craft after a long break. I’ve bought a bunch of fabrics and sewing patterns, and plan to use my winter break to make some new dresses. I’m a slow dressmaker, but I do enjoy it, so hopefully I can get very crafty with my 2.5 weeks of freedom (and then we go to Berlin!) and also I’ve been back into cross-stitching. It’s so calming. I need some new patterns/ideas, though. Going to crack into a book a friend gave me over the weekend.



Loving:  All the sparkle! As I said earlier, it’s getting so dark so early now, and the lights/festivity really break it up. January is pretty depressing when they turn them all off, but hopefully we can keep some lights up until we take our Germany trip.  When do you decorate? I just love this time of year.


Celebrating:  I have two weeks left at work! Then a huge break – I can’t wait for 3 weeks off. I’m going to be super lazy for one week, productive for one week, then we go to Berlin in the final week for Dave’s birthday. Woo!

Making me happy:  Christmas is coming. Yes, I’m the worst Jew ever. I love Christmas! I can’t wait to enjoy all of the sparkly specialness that is on the way. And we’re hosting this year. Should be an experience!