March tunes


I was going to write a post like some of my older playlist posts from last year, but I realised I’m pretty much listening to the same 4 albums on repeat at the moment.



If you like:  Fleetwood Mac, Lana Del Rey?

Top tracks:  You’ll Be Mine, We Are Stars, Love You More.

My friend Chris alerted me to the existence of this southern-born, NYC-based sister duo, passed on to him by our friend Sam.   The album You and I  has been out over a year, but new material is due for release this year, hopefully.

From the harmonies to the many layers of instrumentation, you’d think you were listening to something out of a different era, with more of a taste of the 60s and 70s than modern times.  I can’t stop listening to it.



If you like:  well… Tegan and Sara! This album is a little more electronic-based/poppy than previous, but it still has their excellent songwriting/harmonies.

Top tracks:  While the single Closer is pretty great, I’m a much bigger fan of Love They Say, Now I’m All Messed Up, and I’m Not Your Hero.  The whole album is excellent, though.

What a great direction this takes T&S in.  The album is near perfect, with every song having some emotion and heartbreak, yet being damn catchy as well.  I work out to this album sometimes!



If you like:  Totally hard to compare.  Regina Spektor meets Sarah McLachlan meets… me?

Top tracks:  Society Song, Life, The Right Words, Everything By the Gallon.

As you can probably guess from the Sarah Slean posts lately, I’m a pretty big fan.  This is her most recent offering, a double album: Land being the more conventional “pop” album, Sea being a soaring triumph of lush, emotional songs backed by classical instruments.  Give it a go!



If you like:  Country music! The Civil Wars, Carrie Underwood, etc.

Top tracks:  Wrong Song, Undermine, Love Like Mine, When The Right One Comes Along, Telescope (Lennon/Maisy Stella version).

Ha! Yes, this is from a TV show.  But, like Nashville itself, it’s totally great.  I’m not a fan of Connie Britton’s singing voice, and find it slightly unbelievable that she is a big time country star (being that, at her age, she would have had to find her fame and fortune in an era where the singing voice meant a lot more than it does today), but the songs are well-written and well-chosen for the characters, and the young actresses who play Connie Britton’s daughters in the show have a track on the album, and boy are they great wee singers.  Their version of Robyn’s Call Your Girlfriend is pretty famous, too, if you want to watch that.  Talent dripping out their ears.


What are you listening to lately?



Coming soon:  Changes at work, shift living, trying to cleanse my closet, thoughts on shul and many more.




Ear candy


I love how I can be really meh on an artist and a few years later, listen to them constantly. My ear is always changing and developing – I don’t dump my true loves, but old stuff is left off of the iPod and new stuff is in.

And then there are the longtime loves that you rediscover… here’s what I’m into right now.


Lucinda Williams – Car Wheels on a Gravel Road:
Back when I worked for a music store, my boss used to play this and rave about it. I hated it. She sounded drunk and surly to me. I couldn’t hear the musical talent in it. Recently a friend started raving about it again, and I decided to give it a try. It’s not entirely perfect, but like living with a woman who’s not really all together, but she knows what she wants. You piss her off and she gets drunk and throws stuff at you. But you know she has passion.

Favourites: Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, Can’t Let Go, and Jackson.

Fleetwood Mac – The Very Best Of:
While this collection doesn’t have everything that I love, it has a great many of them. I grew up listening to them on car trips, and Pink Floyd, and Bryan Adams. Fleetwood Mac have always been very special to me. I consider them legends, and I will stop and smile whenever I hear a FM song, no matter where I am or what I am doing. This CD is like going back in time; to sitting in the middle of the backseat of the car, pretending to sleep but really listening to Landslide and wishing Dad would push Back and play it again.

Favourites: Go Your Own Way, Say You Love Me, Don’t Stop, Little Lies, Landslide, Big Love, Seven Wonders.

Original Broadway Cast – RENT:
I’d forgotten how much I love this show, until I finally watched the movie (after owning it on DVD for a long time). All of my love came flooding back, and I grabbed my CDs and started listening to them in the car again. And now they’re back on the iPod, bringing me smiles every now and then when they show up on shuffle.

Favourites: La Vie Boheme, Another Day, One Song Glory, I’ll Cover You, Seasons of Love

Charlotte Martin – On Your Shore:
When I first heard Charlotte, it was because Chris brought the album home for me from his US trip. I wasn’t very impressed. I skimmed through the CD and found it too Kate Bush, too Tori, too something. I wasn’t in the mood for it.
Fast-forward a few years later, and I’m playing my Sims 2 game with the University expansion pack. Suddenly this song comes on (her Sims version of Beautiful Life) and it blows me away. I try and listen to it over and over on the “College Radio” choice, even though it’s in ‘Simlish’. I discover it’s Charlotte Martin. Hang on, don’t I own that CD?
I’m now crazy about it. It’s just so good. From the first track to the last, each has meaning and strong musicianship and hell, yes, she sounds like Kate Bush, especially on Limits of Our Love, but I love that about it. Her cover of Wild Horses will make your jaw drop. She’s been loved, she’s been hurt, she’s been Up All Night and Haunted, and she makes great music.

Favourites: the title track, Every Time it Rains, Limits of Our Love, Madman, Beautiful Life.


The Fray – How to Save a Life:
The chorus hooks me every time, with it’s ascending scale back-melody, and the drumming. I have really been into good drumming lately. Some of you may know this from a recent Scrubs episode.

Rilo Kiley – Does He Love You?:
This is like being on a slumber party with Jenny Lewis singing in your ear about that boy that ruined her life, but she’s way cooler and stronger than that now. Even when she’s wailing, she’s the toughest girl you know.

The Knife – You Make Me Like Charity:
These guys did the original version of the much-lauded “Heartbeats” song that Jose Gonzalez covered, sold for a commercial and got famous off of. This track is more silly and bouncy and nonsensical, even, with its lyrics, but it is so fun to listen to.

Daft Punk – Robot Rock [Soulwax Remix]:
Excellent to work out to, a perfect mix of rock and electronica.

The Veronicas – Did Ya Think:
This track isn’t on the album, but is on the 4Ever single, and it’s a pity that more people won’t hear it. It’s definitely one of my favourites from them, and I can’t help but sing it loud in the car. It’s a teenage girl yelling at her boyfriend and definitely having the upper hand.