Not doing the resolutions thing, because well, they always fail.  Last year’s “my amazing life” post was fun and I’ve managed to stick to most of it. To put it in writing for the year:

The Awesomeness that is 2012 means:

– Getting up earlier, having breakfast/coffee, getting to work earlier. Yes, this means going to bed earlier! I’m not 21 anymore!
– Planning my wardrobe better and taking more care with my hair.
– Using my new beautiful jewellery box to keep everything together..
– …and buying some jewellery!
– Making more effort to get out and into Edinburgh.
– Making more effort to use Soundcloud to record drafts and clips for the music site.
– Positivity. Not letting old regrets linger. Letting go.
– More me time to read, reflect and study Torah.
– Working out more and being more conscious of what I eat and drink.
– Writing and updating this blog more!  If depression stops me writing, then well, I need to write about my depression.
– Continuing to be supportive and loving of my man, family and friends. People are so important.

I hope you had an awesome start to 2012, everyone. I’ll post our top film lists for 2011 tomorrow when Dave is home from football.

Too many posts already!