Reading:  So I haven’t read much since our honeymoon, where I devoured The Royal We (so good!) and then Fahrenheit 451 because Dave was all, ‘Yeah! I studied that!’ – it was good but kinda a lot to take in, too.  I still have a few summer reads to get through, then I’ll be back to the neverending ASOIAF read, too.

Thinking about:  How it’s September tomorrow. Like, wut.  I know we say this every year, but geez, I really need to appreciate the passing time better. How is it going to be the last 3 months of the year already? How are we rapidly approaching autumn already? Time is a mystery.

Listening to:  Obsessing over the new Carly Rae Jepsen album, Taylor of course, and the new Hilary Duff is fun, too!  I’m also still really into podcasts, and my current favourite is If I Were You.



Watching:  As well as the sun disappearing (see the epic sunset above), I’ve also just started the new Fear the Walking Dead, ANTM and Project Runway are back, and D and I just completed a 30 Rock rewatch (sniff). I’ve also been back into Gilmore Girls because I’ve been listening to Gilmore Guys, which is quite a good podcast if you fancy a rewatch.

Trying:  To get back into a good routine. Since we got back I haven’t been very good at keeping everything tidy and together and organised.  I’d quite like to sort out our spare room so I can get my clothes together for the upcoming season, and have more space for music and dressmaking hobbies in there.



Loving:  Our garden is blooming and the hydrangeas are finally showing us some colour – we had them at our wedding and it reminds me of that. They’re also just so unique in colour. My favourite these days.

Celebrating:  Making plans (nothing to share yet!) and receiving so many Save the Dates through the door for weddings next year. We’re gonna be busy.  The last one is in September, and then we’ll be making plans to move.  I’ll let you know about that another time.

Making me happy:  I’ve been going through honeymoon photos (1st Rome post very soon!) and well, see the below. This place was magical and every time I think of it, it makes me happy. Take me back to Riomaggiore…






Mrs Lawrie



Hello, lovelies.



I’m a married lady.




And it was wonderful.



I’m sorry I haven’t written. In the lead up to the wedding I had so much to say, but I just was beside myself with stress.  When I actually arrived in New Zealand, a lot of that had dissipated, but it was a crazy time.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 2.5 weeks since the big day – it feels like I’ve been back at work forever.  My name has changed everywhere around me at the office, and I’m in the process of completing a gazillion forms and processes to get it changed everywhere else.  I’m committed to it, though.

Life has ticked on and not a lot has changed for us – but we do talk about our day still and look forward to celebrating our marriage again in June with Edinburgh family and friends.




I love my husband, and I’m so excited to call him that. He is my one and only, my happy spark, the best part of my day.


More photos to come soon.




Playing tour guide Pt. 2 (bridges and boats)


One evening when my parents were here, we returned to South Queensferry so that they could see the rail bridge with the lights on. It’s pretty.

Unfortunately, in summer, the sun goes down in the middle of the night (close to 11pm), and so we waited and waited and waited and it just didn’t happen. Ah well, next time! The photos are pretty though.



I also took them on a drive to Anstruther for their famous fish and chips. It was a lot further than I remembered. On the way we stopped in Culross (the palace was closed but it’s still nice to photograph from the outside):



And then after dinner at Anstruther, we had a wander around by the boats after dinner.



Other events included a lovely dinner at The Witchery, a fancy restaurant up by the castle…



And Falkirk Wheel, of course. It’s become a staple visit.



It always impresses!





Playing tour guide Pt. 1 (and squirrel friends!)



As I said in my last post, I owe you some pictures/tales from my parents’ visit in the summer time.  We had a very nice time, though as always, wrangling family and not having a lot of down time can be quite high stress. It was however so lovely to host, to cook, to drive, to show, to take pride in this place that we live and the home that we’d built.



As well as South Queensferry (above), we spent some time at Culzean Castle and at New Lanark, which is a heritage village (which was closed, but still nice to walk around).



We also had an afternoon in the Royal Botanic Gardens, where something magical happened.


You may be aware that I like squirrels. I didn’t grow up seeing them, and despite the greys being pests and making the reds endangered, I still really like them. And the Botanics are full of them.



I was excited to see them at all, to be honest. But then we realised there was a woman feeding them.



This little guy was pretty friendly.



And then the lady gave us peanuts. And I got to do something amazing.

I dropped one and he came to grab it.



The lady kindly pointed out one of the squirrels who was “particularly friendly”. And so I lay down and held out a peanut (as did Dave)…



And then my wee friend was gone.  Dave has a video of me squealing. It’s very childish. But it made me so happy.


Thank you, squirrel friends. More pics from their trip to come on Monday.  Have a great weekend!




2 hours in Paris/photos from France



I am feeling oddly positive today, for a Monday.



I realised just earlier that despite meaning to, I hadn’t ever caught you all up on Paris and the Scottish part of my trip with my folks earlier this year.



To sum up our 2 hours in Paris: rushed. We literally just took the metro to the Eiffel Tower, took pictures, ate a bit of food, wandered over the bridge and back, and then got the metro back to the airport. Not a lot!

So there are the 3 pictures I took in Paris. I’ll post about Edinburgh/Scottish adventures tomorrow. And below is a selection of pictures I took on my camera on the canal trip.