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Ah dear. This music project sure keeps me busy. The first two tracks are up! Make sure you go and listen and let me know what you think:
(will open in new window)

Currently the tracks autoplay: you’ll need to pause one to listen to the other, etc. I’m working on this!

I also have some fun and meaningful entries to post, will hopefully get onto those tomorrow. I love these weeks when I work mornings. The afternoon shifts take my entire day away and tire me out completely!

I hope you are all well. Talk soon,



Operation Melody


From Friday the 1st of June I am launching a project where I write a song a week!

I will be writing a song, whether it is 30 seconds or 3 minutes long, whether it’s amazing or sucks. It’s a way to get me writing more, a way to correct my failings and a fun way for you all to take part – I need your input! Each week I will be asking for suggestions of:

a) Genre –and or–
b) Theme –and or–
c) “In the style of…”

So! You can suggest a Rock song. Or you can suggest a Rock song about monkeys. Or you can suggest a Rock song about monkeys that sounds like U2 might write it. Or just the monkeys. Or just the U2 influence. It’s up to you!


– I have to be able to sing it. SO I can’t really accept Hiphop or Rap as a Genre.
– I will be picking at random. I may pick your genre, someone else’s theme, and someone else’s style, or just go with a style for the week that I think works.
– I appreciate your suggestions, but don’t see this just as a push or challenge to me .. I of course am looking to push myself and encourage writing, but it might just be too hard for me to write a U2 Rock song about monkeys.

So go to it! email me at or comment here. First songwriting session begins Friday June 1st.

It’s here.


album coverKAT MCKENZIE: Hiding

A soulful and often haunting blend of pop and rock.

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More retailer links coming soon.. as well as the new website. If you’re from NZ or Australia, drop me an email and we’ll sort it all out.