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Heart on the line


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There wasn’t any point in the day, (though maybe there should have been), where I stopped and said to myself, “I’m making a hit song.”

But having the time to reflect and look back on it, maybe I was. Maybe Hiding will actually be as big as I want to become. Maybe not. It’ll always be a great achievement to me.

I am still feeling the after-effects of exhaustion; working myself to the limit where my calves gave out. I’d spent so long playing and practising and working up for that moment that I didn’t want to stop and rest at any point of the day. I wanted to charge on through.

Chris and I had a few inside moments where we stopped to grin at each other or I did a silent little, “Oh my freaking God!” dance behind TK’s back. I used the final vocal session as a chance to dance around in the booth to the music I’d made. I keep expecting to include someone else’s name somewhere in the liner notes, but no.

These are all mine.

A more technical rundown of the day is here.

Cars and guitars


The panelbeaters assure me that I will have a rental car to drive tonight or Monday. I am twisting their arm to give it to me today, as they are keeping Suzie for at least three more weeks. That will bring the grand total to 5 weeks, and I imagine that for some reason it will be dragged out for another.

6 weeks without a car is a real drag.

I have no idea what the rental will be, all I know is that it will be automatic. And probably nowhere near as cute. I guess cuteness isn’t that important in the grand scheme of things. Being able to leave my house is.

I have just over a week to go before I have my big recording session, and the nerves are settling in nicely. I’m also feeling exhausted at the moment, which always makes me worry that I’m getting sick. So I panic that I’m not going to have a voice on the one day that I have organised everyone around, and the big expensive day is going to turn into a depressing, expensive disaster.

I love how neurotic I am. Truly.

Either way, it’s time to start taking preventative measures, and happy pills. Oh wait, I don’t take happy pills. Maybe chocolate will do the trick?