Climb up the spout again.


Who’s your Daddy?

I like Daddy long leg spiders. We see a lot of them in my area, and over the past few weeks we’ve had them in our upstairs toilet. And well, there were two. Now there are six.

My mother is terrified of them, and I explained to her very carefully that they are the ‘good’ spiders who eat all the ‘bad’ spiders. (I haven’t told her that they’re highly poisonous, because even though the poison concentration in their bite is nowhere near enough to hurt a human being, she would freak).

But now I’m getting slightly nervous that there are more of them. They never seem to move when I’m in there, but they seem to be using my toilet as a little meeting den. Do they discuss which spiders they killed that day? or the giant pale, four-limbed beings that come in and sit on the big white thing? I wonder what they think of us. If they ‘think’.

It’s weird (and kinda arrogant) to to assume that we are the only conscious beings on this planet – the only creatures capable of speech and advanced life – but what is advanced? every living creature communicates in some way, what makes us so special? because God decided that we would rule the earth? Hell, cockroaches have been here longer than us.

[Which applies to my theory that we are not alone in the universe – how arrogant of us to assume that there’s nothing else out there? But I digress. Aliens shall invade another blog post, another day.]

So I leave the spiders alone, but every week there are more and they seem to be moving closer to possibly their ultimate goal: turning my bathroom into the Daddy long leg home.

Let it snow.


Snow snow snow.

When I was little and I asked my Dad if it would ever snow in my valley, he told me no. So I asked him how cold it would need to be. He hemmed and hawed and finally said, “I’d say under 3C. Maybe a little lower.”

The past few weeks have given us 1 and 2C mornings. Frost. Frozen up car windows. Icy lawns. Who knows how low it dropped in the night.

But no snow. Sigh. Someday soon I’ll live in a country with snow (after Australia, of course, as I hardly expect it there), and I’ll probably get very sick of it. But for now? Snow is glorious.

The mornings have been quite nice, however. I like stepping outside in my coat, scarf and gloves, and pouring water all over my car. It feels like a real winter. This morning I let Finn out the back door to feed him and let him run around a bit, and there was the most beautiful sunrise. Of course, I was without my camera. He ran around a little bit and then barked and barked and barked until I put him back inside. He’d much rather follow me around the house from place to place (while trying to steal anything he can that has been left on the floor) than wander around outside on his own. At lunch today I’ll let him hang out with me while I clean up the kitchen.

My life is finally back to normal, with just the 40 hours of work now that I’ve finished my night course. My exam last night went well, but you never know with these things. I need 75% to pass.. so we’ll just have to wait and see if I am good enough to be certified as a bartender (woop!).

And then I can shake my way around the world, pouring cosmopolitans for the Aussies, champagne cocktails for the French and seabreezes to the Canadians. Or anything, really. I just think it’s going to be really fun. I’m going to try and create my own drinks, as well.

Stay warm (or cool, depending on where you are!)