Sometimes it rains.



And rains and rains.



Oh, Cala d’or.  I so wanted to love you and spend days lounging on your beach or snorkeling in your seemingly-beautiful bay, and oh the hotel pools, how pretty they were.  We picked you so we could laze and not have anything to do but enjoy doing nothing.



But you had other plans…



We arrived into Palma and got our pre-booked bus transfer to our hotel.  We arrived quite late at night to a rude night porter and despite reading some reviews about the buffet/snack bar being open until 11pm, we weren’t fed at the hotel so we went for a wander and ended up buying pizza and icecream and heading back to our room.



The room was quiet (for the majority of our trip, anyway) and by the most gorgeous pool.  Sadly, it wasn’t heated, but we thought we would be in it on a hot day for sure. We knew it was still the low season, and expected some things to be closed, but the week before we arrived had been stunning, hot weather, so we hoped for the same.



The next day we went down and explored the wee beach for our area. I’d seen such amazing photos before our trip and was so excited to possibly go snorkeling or just lie on a lounger with my book.  This picture was taken on a coolish morning, so we planned to return later when it “warmed up”.



We explored the town a wee bit, buying the most amazing towels for our week there (I still love them, though they do not wash well so I doubt they’ll last long) and then headed back to the hotel to enjoy the most glorious 2 hours of sunshine.  We lazed by the pool, Dave got sunburned, I had a cocktail (all-inclusive drinks, bebe!), we instagrammed to make everyone jealous… it was the holiday I hoped for.



And the forecast said rain and we sighed and told ourselves to make the most of it, and hey, forecasts can be wrong…

…but no.

They weren’t wrong.



It rained that afternoon and evening, and it rained on my birthday and it rained every night and it rained and rained and rained.  Our “just in case” jackets were used every day and it wasn’t “it’s raining but muggy/bearable” rain, it was cold and miserable and wild.  The wind blew, the waves came over the rocks, the pool area was empty, the lovely bay became a stormy mess, and I just tried to enjoy it. I tried so hard.



And so we read.

We lay in the room and read.  We sat inside in the hotel by the pool doors and read.  We sat upstairs in the TV room and read.  We walked around town in the rain.  We played the world’s shortest, most pointless game of air hockey ever (first to 3? since when? it’s first to 11!) and then we decided on our last day (after getting 45 minutes of sunshine and my one and only dip in the pool) to go to Palma.



It took 90 minutes on the bus but Palma in the rain was more fun than a beach resort in the rain.



We had fun being tourists.


And we just enjoyed being together, and silly.


We also explored the Jewish quarter, though we struggled to find much that actually said anything about it.  And we did (read: I did) some shopping…



And then that night, before we left, we returned to the beach, so that I could put my feet in the Mediterranean sea.  I let Dave be in charge of the camera.



The water was cold…


And the worst (best?) photo of my total shock at a freezing wave rushing over my feet….!



All in all.

It rained.

A lot.

And I was so sad about it, yet trying so hard to be okay with it. If I’d been away with anyone else it wouldn’t have been worth it.   But I had this dude.


And I love his silly face to bits.


So, sometimes it rains.

But sometimes it’s okay.


Eighteen days, Fifteen tasks



Oh gosh.  So if you know me, you know I am ridiculously ambitious with my time and my plans.  My head is in the clouds most of the time thinking of new things to involve myself in.

My head, however, does not always remember that I had meningitis, that I like to sleep a lot, that I hate going out and that I’m not Wonder Woman.

However!  Our house is a mess, my life is cluttered and I’m broke as hell.  On Friday 21st, I start 18 days of break from work, and I need to start 2013 right.  [Side note: I thought I had 14 days off. I am now bouncing a little after counting 3 times – yup, definitely 18!]

I do, however, want some days of complete and utter slovenly behaviour, hopefully involving candy and bed and movies and Dave.




Eighteen days, Fifteen tasks:

  1. Clean out the cupboard under the stairs
  2. Clean out the shed
  3. Clean surfaces in every room!
  4. Photograph and sell unwanted clothes and shoes of high value
  5. Take unwanted clothes and shoes of lower value to charity
  6. Set up a more permanent music studio and plan 2013 recording schedule
  7. Fix the walls with paint missing/front door letter slot!
  8. Clean kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom cupboards and drawers
  9. Go for some winter walks/photograph Edinburgh in winter
  10. Record 2-3 songs from list
  11. Sort photos and videos on drive/storage
  12. Plan 2013 photo/video project
  13. Sort music library/rehearse for upcoming audition and performances
  14. Finish essay for my Rabbi
  15. Write new fitness/diet plan for 2013

I’ll let you know how I get on.  Do you have ambitious plans?  Do you have a good amount of time off?