On girliness and wedding dresses



Wedding shop in Glasgow


It’s kinda hard to express what’s been going on in my head lately.  And I’ve kept quiet here while I’ve tried to work it out and I think keeping it in is a bad idea and I have no idea why I have.

We live in a world of expectations and fairytale movies and I feel like I’m caught up in this wedding industry lately, and it’s hard and weird.

I promised myself and worked really hard on early planning to make sure that I don’t let this wedding get the best of me. I’ve seen brides turn into maniacs; women who are intelligent and mature turn into bridezillas and control freaks.


Husband to be


Folks ask why I’ve done certain things so early and it’s really just a simple thing – space it out and it won’t freak you out.  There is still a bit of a freak-out going on in my head sometimes, but that’s mainly because I’m so, so far away from everything related to my wedding.  I chose to get married in NZ, because that’s always where I wanted to, but it turns out we have so many friends here that we know won’t make it, and that’s kinda bittersweet.  And all communication with suppliers is over email or through my mother, and that’s never ideal – despite hating the phone, we still don’t always communicate that well with emails. Tone, and all that.

The main thing in my head at the moment, which is making me super sad, is the wedding dress shopping. I started it when my friend Deb was visiting a few weeks back, because I thought after being friends for so long, it’d be a nice way for her to be involved, and it was a ridiculously hot day, so I was sweaty (horrible getting dresses on and off) and didn’t look my best and I felt self-conscious being in my underwear around a stranger, and though I tried on a dress I really liked, I felt less than bridal, and quite homesick.


Scotland is beautiful lately


I watch a lot of Say Yes to the Dress (I started for ideas, now I just do it to torture myself), and I know that I have always pictured that moment when you get your wedding dress and it’s perfect for you and you have that special feeling of knowing it’s yours and what you’ll look like on your wedding day. I feel like I’m supposed to do this with my bridesmaids and my mother and I’ve been a bit deprived of that.  I never like to dwell on or pity myself for things that I have chosen, and I know I’ve chosen to be here. But it still hurts a bit.

I know we discussed doing it when I was in New Zealand, but I felt so very unattractive and overweight at the time, and it just didn’t really come up. I have put off even looking (other than occasionally online) because I don’t want to be the one who can’t fit a wedding dress sample size, and when I went a few weeks ago, I only really fit one of the dresses. It was a bit sucky and felt a bit deflating and I just feel like I’m missing out.


Part of our wedding venue


And it’s silly because I know I’ll get that moment when I’m getting ready in the morning of my wedding and my mother and sister and everyone sees me in my dress all ready to go and we get to share that together.  And it’s so very cliche and girly to want to stand on a podium in a bridal shop while everyone oohs and ahhs and tells you it’s “the dress” but.. I want it. I really want to feel special in this and enjoy this.

I’m losing weight and working on that and also working on telling myself that it’s not 100% necessary for me to be the size I want to be before I try things on. If I lose the weight I want and feel body-confident for my wedding, then that’s awesome, but I don’t need to wait to find a dress until I do. I’ve been telling myself that I have to wait for too long and I need to stop getting myself down and just get on with it. Adjustments can be made and dresses can be changed and geez, I’m not enormous. I’m just bigger than I want to be and bigger than I’ve been most of my life and I go into bridal shops and want to yell at everyone I’m not usually this big I assure you like I’m hiding inside a big person’s body or something. And sometimes it feels that way.


Me in June


So I have appointments again in a few weeks and we’re going to go for a coffee in-between them and have lunch afterwards and a drink or two and really try to enjoy it. I’ve reached out to girlfriends here and asked them to be my replacement family for some upcoming shopping trips, and hopefully some will join us then, but if not, it’ll be a nice morning out with Helen.

I think I’ll feel so much more excited about the wedding once I find my dress, and I think I need to just let go a bit and trust everyone around me that the day will work out how I’ve envisioned it.  These 8 months are going to fly by.




Matcha by teapigs!


Review time (don’t usually do these)!


The lovely folks at teapigs contacted me and asked me to review their matcha green tea, and I agreed, with slight trepidation.  You see, I’m just not so sure about green tea.

I’ve always found it a bit bitter, but really wanted to like green tea, because of its many health benefits.  And it was because of this desire (and the fact that I’m trying to be healthy just now) that I decided to review it.



They sent me a cute little baggie of it (like receiving green cocaine in the mail!), with some info.  Apparently only 1/2 teaspoon of this bright green powder was enough for one mug of hot green tea, though it can also be added to juices and milk for a latte, etc!  Intriguing.



It recommends a good swift mixing, and I did find that if I let it sit for a while the powder did sink to the bottom, so follow the instructions and mix it up well with a small bit of boiling water first before topping it up.


It is very, well, green!  Surprisingly so.  And I was pleasantly surprised to see that one cup of teapig matcha is the same as drinking 15 cups of regular green tea.  I mean honestly!  That’s super impressive.


And as for the taste?  Very smooth.  Very mild.  And not bitter or unpleasant at all.  I could see myself drinking this, maybe even with a little honey added.   So I recommend it!

The folks at teapigs have a newsletter where they feature news and the latest discounts  (you can sign up on the homepage) and are also social media gurus over on Facebook and Twitter.

Prices range from £25-£50, which seems rather steep I know, but you only use half a teaspoon at a time, so it shouldn’t run out too quick.

And as part of this review, I can offer my readers a wee treat – if you’re keen on trying it, you can get 15% off by using the code BLOGGERS12* at their site (www.teapigs.co.uk). 






(*enter code at checkout. discount does not apply to gifts and cheeky deals as these are already discounted)