Reading:  So I haven’t read much since our honeymoon, where I devoured The Royal We (so good!) and then Fahrenheit 451 because Dave was all, ‘Yeah! I studied that!’ – it was good but kinda a lot to take in, too.  I still have a few summer reads to get through, then I’ll be back to the neverending ASOIAF read, too.

Thinking about:  How it’s September tomorrow. Like, wut.  I know we say this every year, but geez, I really need to appreciate the passing time better. How is it going to be the last 3 months of the year already? How are we rapidly approaching autumn already? Time is a mystery.

Listening to:  Obsessing over the new Carly Rae Jepsen album, Taylor of course, and the new Hilary Duff is fun, too!  I’m also still really into podcasts, and my current favourite is If I Were You.



Watching:  As well as the sun disappearing (see the epic sunset above), I’ve also just started the new Fear the Walking Dead, ANTM and Project Runway are back, and D and I just completed a 30 Rock rewatch (sniff). I’ve also been back into Gilmore Girls because I’ve been listening to Gilmore Guys, which is quite a good podcast if you fancy a rewatch.

Trying:  To get back into a good routine. Since we got back I haven’t been very good at keeping everything tidy and together and organised.  I’d quite like to sort out our spare room so I can get my clothes together for the upcoming season, and have more space for music and dressmaking hobbies in there.



Loving:  Our garden is blooming and the hydrangeas are finally showing us some colour – we had them at our wedding and it reminds me of that. They’re also just so unique in colour. My favourite these days.

Celebrating:  Making plans (nothing to share yet!) and receiving so many Save the Dates through the door for weddings next year. We’re gonna be busy.  The last one is in September, and then we’ll be making plans to move.  I’ll let you know about that another time.

Making me happy:  I’ve been going through honeymoon photos (1st Rome post very soon!) and well, see the below. This place was magical and every time I think of it, it makes me happy. Take me back to Riomaggiore…