All over update


..but the songs of my life will still be sung..

My life seems to be in a strange loop at the moment. I’m repeating situations and am back in places I was 18 months ago. The only thing that is steadily changing is my music career, my writing choices, my ideas of what happiness is and will be.

I try to stray away from making this blog seem too dramatic or contrived, but I find myself with a lot of deep thoughts lately. I’m at a turning point, I guess, and the only way I know how to express that is to write down all of these moments where I’m working things out.

I guess what I’m saying is: I’m working things out. I apologise for posts that come out sounding like a highschooler’s journal (that special one she keeps under her mattress).

Musically, I am doing well. The EP is very close to being available, and the launch party is being planned. I sort of let things slide for a while there, as I’d spent so many months working for it, I just really needed to step back. It really is great, and it spurs me on to record an album (which is a possibility for the end of the year, by the way). I’m worried if I take too much longer, people are going to lose interest..

Work is tolling, emotionally and physically. I feel like I’m being pulled in several directions at the moment, and my management and I seem to have very different priorities. I know that I don’t plan on being here forever, so I should just bite my tongue.. but some days it’s harder than others.

A few months ago, I started getting a little concerned about my ever-growing figure and not being able to fit into my favourite clothes. This lead me to SparkPeople, a really amazing site, and I am using it to keep track of everything. It’s harder to exercise in the winter, as I am a runner and most evenings are bitterly cold and dark, but I am looking at swimming more and using a jump rope, as well. It’s hard to bounce back to how I feel I should look, when I’m not dancing anymore or taking the time to walk places. I’d love it to be summer, and I’d run every day. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. My goal is to look the best I can by the time I head over to the US. Slow and steady wins the race.

My folks are in Nice, 3 weeks into their whirlwind tour of Europe+Egypt, and having a great time. Ma loves to call me from wonderful places and brag (it’s something I’m known to do as well), and her last call was from a cruise down the river Seine, on their way to Moulin Rouge for a show. I really hope they’re getting every experience they can out of this trip.

Daniel still hasn’t found a job, but is getting closer. He has a few good interviews lined up, so I am crossing my fingers for him. I want him to be happy, and he hasn’t seemed to be since the move. Renee is doing well, but still hasn’t secured anything permanent, either. So send them good thoughts.

Finn, my new best friend, is scared of the vacuum cleaner. He attacks it like he is protecting us from it, while not noticing that we’re the one holding the long metal tube that he is trying to maul. It’s a fun sight. He is very attention-hungry at the moment, and has taken a great liking to the empty plastic milk bottles that we leave out for recycling. I wouldn’t be surprised if they found plastic in his stomach one day.


Hi to my new readers. Thanks for popping in!