Why the hell this means so much to me


If I recommend one album to you from 2005, it’s this one. I love everything about it. Every song on it. Every subtle nuance of her voice, every simple lyric.

I’m singing her songs most of the day, every day. Just wandering around singing Suddenly I See while I program access keys at work, Other Side of the World while I’m walking to my car, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree in the shower.

Dudes, get it. Or at least listen to it and see if it’s you. It’s just so great.

I can’t believe that I bought the album because I saw the cover and thought it looked like something worth trying. Just wandered over to it in HMV Singapore and decided to take a listen.

I’m so glad I did.

Money money money


My boss just handed me my bonus slip. It hasn’t been paid in yet, but the letter has a rather large figure in it. I’m getting more than I have calculated for, but I’m not sure how much yet.

I know the gross figure, but I can never figure out how much tax I’m paying. You have to remember your earner levies, etc.

So I think I’m still getting $150 more than I budgeted for. I’m going to put that on my card, but a part of me is screaming