Links of the Week


Some stuff from the internet you may enjoy (and continuing the theme of having a goofy picture with these posts…)

He ran from the Nazis for a decade.

A man-hunt for a man part.

Dave Barry reads 50 Shades of Grey.

It’s fascinating to look into the lives of people in Iran, somewhere I will never go.

This tongue-in-cheek Buzzfeed article is pretty great.

An old prank, but I just saw it.  Kiwi blokes plumb their mate’s place with beer.

Karen Carpenter sung beautifully by a blind woman in the Philippines.

I’ve never been a big Zach Galifinakis fan, but his Between Two Ferns with Obama is pretty neat.

And I loved this stunning NY Times piece by a father who reached his autistic son using Disney movies.



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Our 2013 film round-up (yes, it’s coming and hopefully we remember!), 5 years in Scotland, being a homebody