On 2013



When writing any sort of round-up of the year, I always like to look back at it on the blog and Flickr and the like. For the day-to-day nostalgic amongst you, there’s also an app that I really love called Timehop, which kindly shows you every day what you were saying/doing online today a year ago, 2 years ago, 3 years ago, etc.  It’s a nice wee reminder every morning of where I was and the progress I’ve made.



At the beginning of 2013, I was focused on erasing my debt by the end of the year. For the gazillionth year in a row, this didn’t happen, but I got a lot closer and made better financial decisions.  It’s a good step. We both got a bit more stability in our salaries, and hey, we bought a house! Dude.  I love how in my first post of the year I said “one day” I’d like to buy a house and get married, and whattayaknow, everything’s coming up Katie.



I was also, as always, inspired to get fit.  This past year I have put on about 11lb (5kg) after doing so well for so long. I’m officially nearly 20lb (9kg) over what I’d call kinda “wobbly” for me, and a good 30lb (13kg) over what I’d really like to be on my wedding day. To put it in perspective, in the above picture I’m 25lb (11kg) lighter than I am writing this now. Which is kinda frightening. But I’m working on it.  I’m not going to go wedding diet crazy, I have 13ish months to do it, and it’s all about making small changes so I’ll just go slowly. I’ll get there. I’ve got my Fuelband (which I love) and a very active fiance to inspire me.



Above is that cutie at his 30th birthday drinks. He just turned 31 – Happy Birthday, boo!  At the end of January, we also celebrated having 5 years together.



In February I went to watch him parade, and was so proud. And then I met Sarah Slean! What a dream.  I also launched my Indiegogo album campaign.



In March the snow and ice came back briefly, and turned our street into a skating rink. And I was offered my new job. Hurray.  I also took my lovely friend Carine to see these dudes, who were awesome as always:



In April, I went on a Hen Do at a big house in Falkirk with some girlfriends, which was pretty fun!  I also reached my fundraising target for the album, thanks to the support of my friends, family and fans. It was an amazing moment.



I also took a trip with my love to Majorca, which sadly was a complete wash-out, but it was nice to have a break together. And I turned 29.



In May, our friend Bobby was killed in Afghanistan. It came as a blow to all of us, in a weird way. Though we are closer to his big brother, it was a horrible thing to happen to a wonderful family and intensely sad.



I started making the album. It was a long process. Hot weather came, like, whoa.



In June my folks came. We met them in London and went on a canal cruise holiday in France. Then we showed them around Scotland’s Central Belt. It was lovely.



After they left (of course), the seriously hot weather arrived for July. It was my 5th Scottish summer, and the only one that really felt like one so far.



In August we decided to buy a house, and started investigating. Everything we looked at disappeared pretty quickly, but when I walked into our now-home, I felt suddenly like I belonged there. I took Dave back for a 2nd viewing.

In September, we put a final offer in at the closing date. Sadly, we missed out.  We were pretty disappointed.  We found another house we were quite keen on, and put an offer in there, but we were well under what it sold for.



I cut off my hair.  My album was released digitally and hard copies came a few weeks after.



While down south for Fleetwood Mac at the end of the month (amazing and a lifetime goal, by the way!), we received a phone call to tell us that the top bidder had pulled out on our house – the first one, the one we really wanted – and it was ours if we still stood behind our bid? Of course.



In October I spent quite a bit of time travelling around Scotland for work, and let me say – there are some truly breathtaking sights to be seen on the northern west coast.  While the drive to places like Inverewe Garden can get a bit hairy in the dark with one lane, the views as you go will just blow you away. Sadly I was driving and we had to get there before dark, so I don’t have many shots. We just kept saying “wow”, over and over. Go go go.

I was also offered the lead role of Fiona in Brigadoon. Rehearsals started and are going well.



And in November, of course, we moved into our house!  It feels like we were packing for months, and I guess once it was finalised, I started putting it all in boxes. Glad I did because it was a big job.  At some stage I’m going to do a wee house tour for my family, so I may post that here as well. It’s great – so much space, so much storage!  We had a lovely warming on the 30th, and our friends joined us for mulled wine/cider/juice and some festive chat.



I enjoyed planning the move, and I’m so glad I started early, and I have similar thoughts on the wedding, so! Much has been discussed already.




And that brings us to December.  Hanukkah, Christmas, lights, shopping, near-bankruptcy for me due to 6 weeks between pays, bad green hair decisions, a truly lovely and special Christmas and a fun Hogmanay out with friends.

Here’s to 2014. I don’t really have many goals, other than to have less debt, keep my house tidy, lose some weight and have better posture. What about you?





Just now



We’ve had a re-design! (why do blogs always say ‘we’? it’s just me. Hello! I’ve had a re-design). If you’re seeing this in a reader, click the page for once and have a look-see.

Otherwise, here is life for me just now, inspired by Sydney’s lovely post from September

Making:  a ridiculous amount of mulled things for our housewarming. Last night I made mulled cider, mulled juice and bought mulled wine…
Cooking: I’ve been doing lots of the cooking lately! Curries and stir fries and fish with wedges and very basic things. We loved having a few HelloFresh boxes but it may be January before we can afford one again.
Drinking:  I’m weirdly-obsessed with drinking tonic water. Dave hates it but I love the taste on its own, especially with some lime.
Reading: Last book I finished was Meta by Tom Reynolds, which is a good wee sci-fi and a debut novel from one of my my favourite podcasters.
Wanting: Many things, mainly for the house. At the moment, I just want tidiness over material things.
Looking: Very tired, I imagine. It’s been a long week.
Playing: A lot of bad MTV on my TiVo.
Wasting: Some food – I had to throw out some stuff in the fridge I hadn’t noticed until last night… because I was too short to see it!
Sewing: Nothing, my machine is still in storage.
Wishing: For a long sleep and a lottery win.
Enjoying: Rehearsals for Brigadoon – it’s coming along really well.
Waiting: out the year – 2014 is hopefully going to be a great one.
Liking: The crisp weather.
Wondering: when it’s going to snow.
Loving: my Dave and our new home.
there are no huge expenses in December – we’re tapped out with everything going on!
Marveling: at everything that has happened this year.
Needing: sleep, more allergy pills, a few days off.
Smelling: a lot of the lovely candle my colleagues bought us – it’s burned every night since we got it.
Wearing: comfy, casual H&M favourites – skinny jeans, slouchy baseball tee covered in stars, boots.
Following: the many thanksgiving posts on instagram and facebook – looks like everyone had a good one. And how neat that it falls on Hanukkah. Gobble Tov!
Noticing: that finding loyal people can sometimes be tough.
Knowing: that there are great things in store for me and D.
Thinking: about the miracle of Hanukkah.
Bookmarking: lots of winter recipes.
Opening: my eyes a little wider.
Giggling: at Friends on Comedy Central for the billionth time.
Feeling: thankful, tired, accomplished, happy.