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Hello! Welcome to my corner of the intarnetz.  I appreciate you stopping by.

I’m Kat.  I’m a Kiwi (though sounding more and more Scottish these days) living in Edinburgh with my delicious Police Constable Scotsman.  Fundraiser by day, songwriter/performer by night.  I also appear in musical theatre productions when possible. In 2014 I played Fiona in Brigadoon. I next hope to delight the stage in Showcase 2016.

I write a lot of rambly posts, mostly about feeling like a failure as an adult, and my hermit life.  I take a lot of Instagram pictures (katinedinburgh) and am also on Twitter where I’ve been blabbing for over 8 years now (funnily enough, also @katinedinburgh).

Some of my posts will be God/Judaism-related. You can skip ’em if you want.  I also really like television and am a bit of a gamer (but don’t worry, I never blog about that).

I’ve been writing online since 2005 (well, 2000 if you count livejournal), sporadically, and my blog used to be hosted on Blogger and moved over to WordPress in June 2012.  Some of the posts were deleted in the move, as they referenced aspects of the site design, or had videos that no longer exist. If you’re looking for something that’s disappeared, let me know.

Some posts to start you off with:

I’m also quite a traveller, though not a lot of that has been documented here lately.  I hope 2016 will bring more to us. For now we’re just trucking on.

All of my other posts are about trying to improve my life, rambling “really deep thoughts” and random song playlists. I also review stuff when I can, so feel free to send anything my way here.

Last updated 17-Jun-16

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