6 Months Married


Kat and Dave-10 Kat and Dave-15 Kat and Dave-19 Kat and Dave-20 Kat and Dave-36 Kat and Dave-83 Kat and Dave-86 Kat and Dave-96 Kat and Dave-154 Kat and Dave-158 Kat and Dave-207 Kat and Dave-209 Kat and Dave-220 Kat and Dave-233 Kat and Dave-262 Kat and Dave-342 Kat and Dave-376 Kat and Dave-381 Kat and Dave-456 Kat and Dave-473 Kat and Dave-487 Kat and Dave-534 Kat and Dave-536 Kat and Dave-556 Kat and Dave-565 Kat and Dave-569 Kat and Dave-591 Kat and Dave-599


I can’t believe it’s 6 months already. It has gone by so fast!  I love him so.




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