5 things the wedding magazines don’t tell you



1.  So, apparently freaking out over trying to lose a bunch of weight to fit into a dress (that you subsequently find too tight after dinner on your wedding night and end up busting the zip open hugging people) leads to what I would like to call the “Post-Wedding 15” as in, well, all the weight I lost for the wedding I put back on with fast food in about 3 months. Go me! I’ve always been an overachiever.  And stubborn. Take my bad food away, I’ll go back to it with a vengeance.

2.  Did you know that Wedding Ring Eczema is a thing? So apparently if you’re not used to wearing 2 rings together (and they’re on the small side to begin with after the aforementioned weight gain), you can develop eczema under your rings if you don’t dry/air out your fingers enough. So take those rings off at night, ladies, and dry your hands properly after the bathroom.

And then when you go on honeymoon in Italy for 2 weeks where it’s 32-37C every day, your weird finger eczema gets way worse and then kinda scars and turns very red and you can’t wear your rings very much anymore. It’s healing, but hey. No one warned me about this! (Hydrocortisone cream and tea tree oil help a lot!)



3.  You’ll kinda get the blues. Like, the wedding was an incredibly expensive and stressful hassle but your life suddenly is devoid of something huge to focus you and you’re just left with the debt and the photos and need to find a new purpose. Other people are engaged now. Move on.

4.  Time suddenly has no meaning. Like, I got married? What the heck happened. I spent all that time wanting to be engaged and then wanting to get married, and now it seems like a million years ago and bam I have this husband and what. I feel like I just woke up. It’s wonderful but it’s so surreal that this has happened in my life already.



5.  The little things from the wedding stay with you the most. I’ll never forget the looks on the faces of my uncles, who aren’t people you can usually get to dance, up on the floor. Such a mix of delight and terror and confusion. This is what I call ceilidh face, and I’m so glad they experienced it.  I’ll never forget my darling Chris singing as we signed the license.  I’ll never forget the photobooth, or the fire alarm going off during Dave’s speech, or being carried across the threshold. These are the stories for your kids and grandkids.


What surprised you about/after your wedding day?




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