I thought I’d get back into one of these posts, cause it’s been a while!
 Room changes 

Reading:   I’m back to Game of Thrones (A Dance with Dragons and A Feast For Crows in machete order) as the show started again and geez, it’s going ahead of me and I don’t like that.

Thinking about:  Our honeymoon!  We’ve booked 2 weeks in Italy in August and I can’t wait.  Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Lucca, and Venice.  So exciting!  We booked a tour yesterday from Florence as well so we’ll get to Pisa, San Gimignano, and Siena as well.

Listening to:  After spending months building our wedding playlist, it’s nice not thinking that hard about it, so I’ve just been shuffling everything at the moment. It’s nice. And podcasts! I’m still so into podcasts.  As you may remember I’m really into The Complete Guide to Everything, but I’ve also become a bit obsessed with The X Files Files, of course.

 Us, Singapore 

Watching:  Well GoT is back as I said, and I’ve started re-watching The Walking Dead as a lot of my other shows have been wrapping up.  We’ve also been binge-watching Last Week Tonight as while we’d seen the clips, we’d not seen whole eps, so that’s fun. John Oliver is so charming.

Trying:  To be cleaner. Our place is a mess. And to get my name changed everywhere! What a rigmarole. I needed my passport to change things so that’s done, just waited on my marriage certs to arrive, and then I can do my BRP, driving license etc etc.  Cards are being changed, and all of the online stuff is done.  It’s really kinda weird but also very nice. We got a new nameplate for the door!



Loving:  Being married.  It hasn’t changed much, but it’s special.

Celebrating:  It’s the weekend!  Getting back into work was tough, y’all.  I’ve had a sinus cold for the last few days so I’ve missed some time, but I’m getting back into the swing of things.

Making me happy:  Dave, chocolate, my friends having babies, spring, and writing.

Wedding and other posts to come soon.


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