New Year’s Day




Above is a picture of me this morning: hair all fallen over, mid-morning New Year’s Day (though it being 3am, it’s now the 2nd already). Last night we went to an excellent party (pic just below) but I got to that point where I was more tired than tipsy and alcohol wouldn’t have gotten me to the point where I could ignore the sleepiness and be silly with others, so I went home. We got home at nearly 4am, mind you.




Sometimes homesickness comes in waves and I’m not 100% sure what to do with it. On Christmas Eve I picked up a box of wrapped presents from the Post Office and sobbed for a few minutes before I collected myself – I then spent hours looking forward to Facetiming home, only to have the connection be so terrible I missed half of the conversation. I was distant and quiet and I hate when I do that – I’m so soppy and emotional but with my family I sometimes just get so sealed up that I feel cold and I’m not cold. I hope they don’t think I’m cold.

Today the homesickness was back, but it just rolled over me. It was a gentle wave. Not so scary.




We go home to New Zealand so soon – it’s now 99 days until the wedding which sounds so far away yet so close at the same time.

And most of my homesickness stems from seeing pictures of my 3 nieces – they are growing up so quick and I feel like I have missed so much of it. To think that I moved here when Violet was just 3.5 and now she is 9, it is mind-blowing. They now message me on Whatsapp and have their own Instagram accounts, and it is just the best thing ever.




We’ve been talking a lot lately about our future plans and they are super exciting. I get a bit intimidated about diving into the future but I feel so secure in the choice of who I have decided to dive in with.

Anyhoo, this is a bit of a disjointed ramble, but it’s a new year and I just wanted to write. So I’m going to try and just write. I hope you had a great NYE (and Christmas!) – 2015 is going to be great, I’m sure.




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