Links of the Week


Some stuff from the internet you may enjoy (and continuing the theme of having a goofy picture with these posts…)

All of us were devastated by Robin Williams’ untimely death last week. This is probably the best Robin Williams tribute I’ve seen.

You should also read Mara Wilson’s post.

Super cute dog comic.

My friend Laura created a very important tumblr.

Maisie Williams sees Saved By The Bell for the first time.

I want to give this one hour dress tutorial a try.

I liked this post about not complaining during pregnancy.

And this surprise wedding post from March is adorable.

I’m planning on getting one of these travel wedding dress boxes for our big day. Anyone else travelling with their dress? When I worked for Air NZ we’d often hang them up in business class, but I think I’ll take it in one of these to be sure it stays with me.

I’ve always wanted to write a novel. Writebox looks like a great tool.

And as always, The Toast delivers – Ayn Rand’s The Devil Wears Prada.



Lately on the blog:

The Dress / On girliness and wedding dresses / Project: our dining chairs



Coming up:

About our home, Apps I Love, a post on anger, and about being grateful.





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