Around here lately



It’s been busy yet chilled lately. It’s been a time of small pleasures.



The weather has been fantastic.  A few weeks ago I bought us this ridiculous tiny but effective BBQ for the garden at Tesco for £20 (they’re now even cheaper). It was the colour that attracted me, of course, but it’s great for these super long, warm days we’ve been having.



I’ve had quite a few afternoons outside gathering freckles on my arms and shoulders, and giving my legs some sun. It’s one of the perks of living up here and not having that pesky ozone hole, but of course I’m still being sun-careful.



The sun is dipping down and giving its last wink at about 11pm now, so you forget what time it is all the time, and the sun is only just gathering its heat when you leave work, which is great. It does feel like summer.



I also took my first tram ride last Thursday!  It was super exciting in that geeky way. It’s not really that handy to us or to anywhere I usually go, but I can get into central town from work really easily if I want to, and I thought when I went to get my hair cut, I’d take it. It was good fun.



And speaking of the haircut, here it is.  I wanted to lose some length and weight for summer and just have hair that I can style instead of just piling up in a bun. It has backfired a bit in terms of keeping me cooler, because it’s so thick still and now it sits just on my neck, which isn’t ideal! But I still really like it and am glad I lost the length.  It’ll grow so fast that by the wedding it’ll be long again…



Oh and I went to Glasgow on Saturday and met Carine and had Wagamama then went to The Pierces – I love them so much, it was really exciting to get to go and see them live (they were incredible), and it’s always kinda fun going across to Glasgow. It’s like going between Wellington and Auckland, but in 45-60 minutes. Crazy.

And in other news, we’ve started a wee craft project – we finally bought some dining chairs but they’re a bit dated so we’re sanding and painting them. Photos will be shared once they’re done!  I also have some photos from New Zealand to post…





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