Thought this might be a good start to get me back in the swing of things here.



Watching:  Since we got back, we’ve been catching up on so much TV.  We had a lot of Game of Thrones to catch up on, and I’ve spent most of my free time since we got home catching up on silly shows like Friends With Better Lives (already cancelled, just as I was starting to enjoy it) and Bob’s Burgers (always a firm favourite) but also old stuff I still haven’t finished like Breaking Bad.  Sometimes it’s nice being a homebody, and my first 2 work weeks were so stressful, it was good to just chill in the evenings.



Thinking about:  Summer plans – I have many. Most of them involve getting off my ass more, getting in the garden on the weekend to relax instead of on the couch, and eating better.  We’re also working on seeing people more often, with some dinner plans already.

I’ve been doing alright with the eating better.  I’m also trying to be more organised, and cleaner. I’ve got a new coffee machine, which I love, and it’s nice being sort of together in the mornings by having a coffee made as I leave the house.  I’m also trying really hard to keep the house together, but I need to try harder. It’s a mess this week.



Reading:  I’ve gotten really into ASOIAF book 3, and I’m about to finish that. Dreading some of the more important plot points, though.  Tragedy is never far away.  I’m also reading the BtVS and Walking Dead comics.



Celebrating:  Friends of ours had their wee baby Meriel last week and I made her this cross stitch. She is just beautiful and we’re all pretty excited. Another friend is due in July, so I get to cuddle lots of babies this summer. Always good.



Making me happy:  Last night I went to my 3rd TCGTE live show which was brilliant as always, and took Helen along with me. They put my name on the door because I’ve helped them out by delivering posters, etc, and because I run a Quotes account and Tumblr (I am such a geek).  It was really great fun and you should get it if you’re into podcasts. They’re funny and genuinely just good people.



How’s you? Hope all is well.





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