Links of the Week


Some stuff from the internet you may enjoy (and continuing the theme of having a goofy picture with these posts…)

He ran from the Nazis for a decade.

A man-hunt for a man part.

Dave Barry reads 50 Shades of Grey.

It’s fascinating to look into the lives of people in Iran, somewhere I will never go.

This tongue-in-cheek Buzzfeed article is pretty great.

An old prank, but I just saw it.  Kiwi blokes plumb their mate’s place with beer.

Karen Carpenter sung beautifully by a blind woman in the Philippines.

I’ve never been a big Zach Galifinakis fan, but his Between Two Ferns with Obama is pretty neat.

And I loved this stunning NY Times piece by a father who reached his autistic son using Disney movies.



Lately on the blog:

6 weeks to go / Currently / Brigadoon / Crustless vegetable & feta quiche



Coming up:

Our 2013 film round-up (yes, it’s coming and hopefully we remember!), 5 years in Scotland, being a homebody





2 thoughts on “Links of the Week

  1. Hanne

    I couldn’t find your e-mail adress, so I’ll leave it here, you can delete it afterwards, if you want.
    I’m a last year student in Journalism on the ‘Artevelde hogeschool’ in Gent, Belgium. Next week we’re coming to Edinburgh. We’ll be making all kind of sorts of articles about the beautiful city you live in.
    One of the assignments is to interview a person who lives in Edinburgh and who has a special bond with the city. You seem very interesting, and I would really like to interview you.
    This interview would have te take place monday evening the 24th of march or tuesday morning, preferably in a place you really like in Edinburgh (a nice coffeeshop, a fun bar, ..). Do you have some time for me? The interview will take no longer than an hour of your time..
    Thank you very much in advance,
    Hanne Neys

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