Well I just had one of the nicest weekends in a while.  It wasn’t 100% lazy either, despite the fact that I never got dressed. I vaccuumed and cleaned and scrubbed and tidied and oh, the satisfaction of a sparkling bathroom and a tidier home.  But we watched TV together and chilled and I played FFX-2 lots and it was just so very, very cosy.



Before I get into the normal prompts, let me just say that I went to Glasgow on Tuesday and renewed/extended my visa to stay in the UK, which was super stressful (I’ve been worrying about it – unnecessarily, I know – for about 6 months at the back of my mind) but all went fine, and my new visa should be delivered today in the form of a BRP (Biometric Residence Permit), rather than a visa stuck into your passport, which is great – no more transfer fees or carrying 2 passports around! It also makes it easier for me to renew my passport and of course, renew it next year when my name changes.  I’ll also need to pay a fee to renew my BRP when my name changes, but I’ll worry about that next year. Bit annoying to renew my passport 2 years in a row, but, hey. Mawwiage.



We also had quite a nice time in Glasgow for the rest of the day – we went into Buchanan Galleries, which seems to be an every-time-we’re-in-Glasgow occurrence, and strolled around the shops before we decided to head out to IKEA there, to finally get a bookshelf, etc.  We ended up getting the bookcase, but also getting me a step-stool (I’m quite wee), a new pan, some candles, and an ironing board. We almost got Dave a desk but maybe next time. I can’t wait to get everything off of the floor in the spare room, but for now the setup works fine.



Here’s the bookcase full of our lovely books. I also have some vinyl and music scores on the bottom shelf, and the 4th shelf is like my wee Jewish library.



Watching:  True Detective.  We’re up to episode 6, and I know the finale has just aired in the US, so I’m staying off Twitter today. We’re also watching Friday Night Lights and Castle, and I really do think the best comedies on TV right now are Brooklyn Nine Nine and Archer. I want you all to download them immediately.



Listening to:  Usually I’m listening to a particular album or artist, but I’ve just been letting my phone shuffle lately, and adding stuff to playlists on Spotify. I’m really keen on Sara Bareilles as usual, and have been listening to her older stuff, and the song that’s probably on a loop being played most is Happy by Pharrell, which never fails to make me bounce.



Thinking about: Wedding stuff, any extra house stuff, getting back into the gym this week! I have 6 weeks til we go home and I want to make them count, especially if I’m going to start trying wedding dresses on. Eek.



Reading:  I haven’t picked up a book in a while, but the book next to the bed is Notes to Boys… by Pamela Ribon, which is hilarious and cringeworthy and worth a read if you ever were a teenage girl who wrote a journal or angsty love letters (I still can’t believe Little Pam actually delivered these notes).

Celebrating:  Extended visa! woo! Well. I still don’t know exactly how long we’ll be here just yet. We’re home this April, getting married at home next April, so it may be the April after? or slightly later. All I know is that we are settled and happy and I’m pleased to be staying for a bit longer yet. I’m really quite attached to Scotland and my life here just now, and I’m glad to be having these experiences.



Making me happy:  My wee home. After 3 months it’s really starting to feel like ours, and the small touches here and there make my heart full. I’ll post some pictures/a wee post about it soon.





3 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Francesca

    Three cheers to a new Visa and all that. But actually I wanted to know – is that the Billy Bookcase? We were looking at it on the weekend. We’ll probably go back next weekend to buy stuff as M’s cough turned into a fever half way round Ikea. Oops.

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