Watching:  I’ve been getting into Almost Human, which Dave is not as impressed with, but hey. I like sci-fi, I like futuristic, and I like dystopic shit. In fact, I’ve had a dystopian novel bouncing around my brain for about 5 years now, so I might just start to write that as the year progresses. We’re also really pleased that The Walking Dead is back. I’ve also started Pretty Little Liars, which is rather entertaining!

Listening to:  Tori Amos on repeat, lately. I sorta lost touch with her, but she doesn’t mind, so we’re back to heavy emotions during the workday again.

Thinking about:  Brigadoooooon. Yeah, we open in a week. I’m rather terrified at this point, and battling a cold rather nobly if I do say so myself. I’m sure it’ll be great. I’m hoping I fit the costumes. They measured us before Christmas, so there’s that.



Reading:  Er, well, I started reading Harry Potter because I’m apparently many, many years behind everyone else. That’s not true, I did read books 1-3 when they came out, but kinda lost interest and time, and well. Yes. I’ve also just re-read Flowers in the Attic, inspired by the TV movie which was pretty terrible.

Celebrating:  We are booked for New Zealand and there are 9 weeks to go. 9 weeks will fly by! And I have two 30th birthday celebrations to look forward to, and some wedding planning is happening, so that’s fun. I’ll blog more about the wedding when I’m back from NZ, I imagine. I’m trying to be pretty laidback about it. Today I was researching wedding favours, and have some cute ideas!

Making me happy:  This 100 Happy Days thing is so cute, and I don’t post something on Instagram every day for it, but it is making me try and remember and appreciate the good stuff every day.  I find that I am forever looking forward to things to come and hell, all of this time is passing. I shouldn’t just wish my life away, so I’m trying to appreciate more of the smaller moments. I’m also going to start posting Stuff I Love posts again, cause I did that on the old blog/my livejournal and then just kinda stopped, but it’s nice. And link posts – I find so much interesting stuff during the week, that I should share. So yes. More blogging!




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