6 years ago today.



6 years ago today I went for a drink with a man I was just starting to know.  He had floppy hair and a lot of 90s t-shirts, baggy jeans and an inexplicable love for cricket.



He has become the most important person in my day, the best part of my life. He is my support, my comfort, my home. He makes me laugh when I really don’t think I can, stops me crying when I feel like I can’t stop. He stands behind my decisions, laughs at my mistakes, teases me relentlessly.



He loves me for me. Pushes me when I need to be pushed, listens when I just want to rant.



He is my best friend in this world, and I can’t imagine being without him.



I am so proud of his accomplishments and of the life we are building together. I can’t wait to be his wife.





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