January update.


(That is one big picture of my face. And it’s grainy, but hey. I’m all about the self-esteem lately, and it’s the only picture of myself I’ve liked in a while!)



So. Life. I wanted to just give an update.

Things are fine.



After a week of getting the most unreliable bus system ever, I’m finally back on the road. Our car is in the shop until Friday, but we’re currently driving a courtesy Peugeot 107, which is like driving a slightly-larger smart car.  Dave fits into it, just, but there’s no way you’d get more than one passenger in the back, especially if he’s driving! It is tiny. I shall photograph it later.



In other news, I have started a wee bit of wedding planning – the biggest thing is the venue, I guess! Once you’ve got that, you’ve got the date, and you get the caterers involved and then the celebrant and it all sort of rolls away downhill from there. I have a few ideas as to colours and decorations for the reception, and of course I’ve looked up dresses, because who gets married without googling wedding dresses, right?

People keep asking me if I find it stressful, but to me, planning is the one thing that makes my life make sense most of the time, so it’s not a bad job to have. I also have just under 15 months, so it’s not like I’m in any hurry.



My ring sadly is not on my finger, as despite the fact that it fits my middle finger (a bit loosely), it is apparently 5 sizes too big for my ring finger (how incremental are ring sizes?!), so it’s in getting sized. We walked into the first reputable place we saw, which happened to be Goodwin’s, and geez, once you’ve had to ring a bell to get into a jewellery shop, you’re kinda stuck agreeing to whatever they quote for ring sizing.  At least I know they’ll look after it and do a decent job.  They have warned me that because I have such tiny freakish hands, it will end up more oval than round. Which I guess is understandable. I’m nervous but hey, it needs to be done, right? I’m not wearing some sort of sizing guard thing in there for the next 50 years.



Brigadoon is going well, though I think we may be behind where we need to be at this point, but I’m hoping it really starts to come together over the next few weeks. I really need to get off-book, and I’m not far off.



So other than all of those busy things, I’m mostly just trying to plan/organise our trip home this coming April, which we’re still not sure how we’re paying for, but. Hey. It’ll come together eventually. I’m excited to go home, I need to stop leaving it so long, but then again, it’s so expensive and it takes most of our leave each time. Next year we’ll be doing the same again for the wedding.

I wonder if I’ll ever stop feeling torn between two places.





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