Watching:  Archer is back! Yay! I’ll have to watch that later. I’ve been reading lately about the changes in the new series, and am excited to see it.  Also loving Bob’s Burgers as always and Community seems to have the old Dan Harmon feel back to it.  My other favourites just now are Parenthood and Brooklyn Nine Nine (which hurray, won the Globes!).



Thinking about:  Our poor wee car.  Due to some black ice on a nearby road, D left for work on Saturday and skidded/crashed our Honda.  Luckily he didn’t hit anyone else or skid out into a busy roundabout, and he is totally fine. It’s in with the insurance people at the moment and hopefully it won’t be too tough a fix for them. I am also hopefully due to have a courtesy car while it’s out of action…
Reading:  I’ve been pretty slack with books in the past wee bit! When I’m stitching I’m mainly buried in my cross stitch book, but otherwise I have a few books next to the bed which really need reading. I’ll try and relax and get some reading done this weekend.



Celebrating:  My D just had his 31st birthday and in a few weeks we’ll celebrate 6 years together – it has gone by so fast. I can’t believe it’s been so long, but I still feel just as lucky to have him.  And yay, wedding planning!
Making me happy:  Brigadoon is going really well, and I’m enjoying being in my house, despite the fact that it’s still a bit of a mess and we still have boxes to unpack, but we’ll get there!




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