Links of the Week


Here are some fun links from around the internet this week.  I’ve decided to retire the old header image for this and go with a new, equally embarrassing shot of me.

Thanks to Laura for reminding me, that yes, it’s now Turkey Lurkey Time again.

You could reply “Sorry, wrong number…” but where’s the fun in that?

A fun new delivery service from Waterstones.

A small New Zealand town is up for sale. Any takers?

What a bargain! (read the reviews).

Vote for this wee Christmas film a friend made. It’s open til tomorrow!  (10 Dec)

I’ve been working on this fundraising appeal, which has grown arms and legs overseas…

Some excellent comebacks to #EverydaySexism!

This tumblr amuses me – celebrities as if painted by George Dawe.

She’s baaaaaccck (and luckily, the quality went up a bit).

And what a sweet story of generosity.



And posts you may have missed here on the blog:

Playing tour guide

2 hours in Paris/photos from France





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