Twenty-Five Things


While I unpack my very cluttered new home and truly settle into suburban life, here’s a fun wee post for you.  And the amusing part is that I wrote this, and then I saw all of the “random facts” Facebook posts going up (and have recently posted my own) but I still feel like posting it.  It’s a little bit more “in depth” than a FB list.



Twenty-Five Random Facts About Me

1.  Despite my small stature, everything on me grows super fast – nails, hair, eyelashes! If I had a specific hairstyle to maintain I’d probably need to cut it every 3 weeks, and at the moment, although my John Freida hairdye lasts until regrowth (rather than other brands that fade quicker than my hair can grow!) I probably need to dye it every 3 weeks as well. I stretch it til 4 for time/financial reasons.

2.  I have my mother’s green eyes and my father’s dark blonde hair (naturally, of course it doesn’t look like that nowadays!)

3.  I think my greatest pet peeve is hypocrisy. I know we’re all guilty of it at times, but it drives me crazy.  This also applies to when friends won’t do for you what you have done/will do for them.

4.  I’m pretty blind. I’m -9.75 or something in one eye, and similar in the other, with an astigmatism. I’m amazed my eyes haven’t dropped out of my face yet.

5.  My main fears are the dark, enclosed spaces and crowds. I often get panic attacks in crowds, or if I am in a small space and can only inhale warm/hot air, or if I am in a room where I cannot see/do not know how to locate an exit.  Oh and the dentist. Not a “it-makes-me-so-nervous-OMG” thing, but a genuine phobia – I had a few traumatic experiences as a child and haven’t been in several years.



6.  I love planning, spreadsheets, systems, schedules, countdowns, lists, daily challenges, etc.  I don’t always follow through with them all but I love the idea/planning aspect of it all.  Despite how messy my life gets, I crave order.

7.  Due to having many, many US-based friends when I was a teenager and my many visits to/living briefly in the States, I have quite a bit of American knowledge – geography, culture et al.  America just makes sense to me, as messed up as it is sometimes, and if I could have picked another country to naturally adopt as my own, I’d probably have picked it.  I know my way around NYC and San Francisco and a few small east coast towns, and I’d probably be a New Yorker if I had the chance. Though I’d probably prefer to live in one of the boroughs these days.

8.  Scotland has my heart, though. I never thought I’d love it so much and I feel such a connection to this place. I’m probably one of the only people I can think of with a great love for bagpipes. Sorry!

9.  Despite appearing outgoing and exuberant, I am quite introverted: I require a lot of alone time/quiet time to recharge, I hate people pushing themselves into my space, and especially at the office, love to just be left alone to get on with my work.  I’m also not great with new people – I never know what to say and take ages to let go of my natural social anxiety.  I’ve become more introverted as I’ve gotten older.

10.  I’ve never really got coffee. I enjoy a cup with milk/cream and sugar, but I can’t get enthused about black coffee, particular types of coffee, different ways of brewing coffee.  I was always quite happy with filter coffee in the US, and I drink instant most days. Shock, horror! I also can’t have caffeine after 3pm or I won’t sleep, and if I have too many a day, with my low blood pressure my heart will beat itself silly.  I do love a cup of decaf at night, though.



11.  I trained in classical/operatic voice for many years, and used to be a coloratura.  I could sing those squeaky-up-there notes like Mariah Carey. As you age your vocal cords aren’t as co-operative with the high notes, so I stick to a more standard soprano range these days.  I think with a great deal of rehearsal, I could do it again, and it’s cool to know I had a unique skill, but it’s no longer really necessary for my repertoire.  Fiona in Brigadoon has some high pieces, though!

12.  I could care less what I eat most of the time. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and love my diet coke, but I’m not hugely fussed on new recipes or finding things to cook. I eat to live… I definitely don’t live to eat!

13.  I need to know how things work. It’s all good telling me that the procedure is to do something a certain way, but I want to know why and how it affects everything else, and if I can improve it, I will.  I think I’d seriously go into IT if there wasn’t such a cost/time issue involved in studying for it.

14.  I also think I’d be a good teacher.  I love training/teaching, and never get the opportunity to use the skill – again, I’d need to train and live as a student for the required time, and at this stage in life, I’m sadly not up for it.  Maybe later, you never know.

15.  I love solving problems.  I think every problem has a solution and I’ll do my best to find it.  This is a flaw in my personal life, as I sometimes forget just to listen and try to fix the issue instead.  I always have the best of intentions, though!



16.  I care a bit much about people.  I worry far too much about the future.  I get hurt a lot by my own disappointment.

17.  I am kinda known for my obsessive love of turquoise. And squirrels. Now everyone gives me turquoise/squirrel-related presents. I’m fine with it.

18.  My middle name is Anne.

19.  I believe in God.  (I also don’t believe in censoring his name and typing G-d, which is an odd habit adopted by the Orthodox Jewry etc as a way of not writing down His name – if it’s not God’s “real” name, there’s no need to censor it…)

20.  I love driving. I love just going through the motions of it. I find taking a long drive fun and love having control of a car.  I also seem to have a strange knack for parallel parking.



21.  I’ve had… 7 or 8 boyfriends in my 16 years of dating.  My first oh my stars I might die teenage dramatic crush was on my dear friend Chris. Oh the crush I had. It was such cute teen confusion. Now that seems super weird – I love him in a totally different way.  My first true time being in actual love was with my highschool boyfriend, now friend, Tim.  My easiest, simplest, most natural love is Dave.  After nearly 6 years together I still see people in the supermarket that I think might be him and my heart skips a beat with excitement to see him. Seriously. So sickening.

22.  You know that saying, “It’s just like riding a bike”? – Yeah. I’m hopeless at riding a bike. And terrified of sharing the road with cars.  Car for me, thanks!

23.  I have followed a form of kosher eating for about 10 years now, and follow it mainly out of sentimentality/habit than anything now.  Even my Rabbi can’t bring himself to eat pork, but doesn’t feel there are any modern reasons to stick to it.  But when you do something for so long, or in this case, don’t do something for so long, it’s hard to break it. I have had the occasional mixed-meat sausage but the pork aversion is stubborn, though…

24.  I am very logical and find it very frustrating reconciling my logical/creative sides.  It also baffles me when others are illogical and my office appears to be full of them…

25.  I am totally fine with getting older. I do however dream of milestones yet to come.



Coming up:  New house, a tea review/giveaway and more…





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