So tonight is our last night in our wee flat. It has been our home for over 2.5 years, and it has served us well.

We will miss the nice wee street, the eccentric and chatty upstairs neighbour, the dining ‘alcove’, the proximity to Tesco, the fondness of it all.



We will not miss the building, the buzzer, the opposite neighbour, the lack of storage space, finding a park, the nearby school, the 1870s horsehair plaster, the confusing street and flat numbering system.



Tomorrow we pack up, ship up, ship out.  I am hoping we get the keys for our house nice and early and can get the van unloaded before we return to start cleaning our old home; removing any trace of us and the mess we often liked to fill it with.



I imagine tomorrow night I will collapse into a hot bath at the new house and won’t even start putting things in ‘places’ until the weekend progresses. We also have a lack of shelving/furniture to display stuff on, anyway. We’d be buying quite a few things if the exhaust hadn’t fallen off the car last Saturday, but… life.



We’ll soon have somewhere that is ours.  No landlords, no restrictions, no paying someone else’s mortgage.  We have been so lucky with our landlords, but we’re excited to be moving on to having our own home and all of the consequences that come with, both positive and negative.


I’ll write you from there and let you know how it all went.  Things are busy. Good: at times overwhelmingly-so.





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