Well, I think winter is on its way for sure.



This morning I left my house, with scarf and coat on, and much to the delight of passing schoolchildren, immediately slipped on an icy grate and fell on my ass.  I’m graceful like that.



I then spent a good five minutes scraping my car (someone remind me to get one of those long-poled scrapers so I can reach the middle of the windscreen!) before driving to work in the blazing sunshine that hits right in that part of the windscreen you can’t block (not complaining, but ow) and then not having a free carpark available at the office.  Jeez.  I drove around for a bit until I found one on the street, and then came in to get my coffee and head to my desk.  It wasn’t even 9am and my makeup on my right eye was almost gone from allergies/sunlight-induced weeping.



How’s your Monday going? Let’s hope it’s better than mine.

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