What a hideous country I live in. I mean, seriously. Heh.

Been a while since I’ve written one of these posts, but they’re a good way to get writing…


Watching:  I just started Orphan Black, which has a Ringer vibe (except for less cheese and the twin is actually dead), and the pilot was so intriguing! I’m also really enjoying Hollywood Game Night as it’s really fun to see celebrities out of characters, just having fun playing games.  I’m so glad Parks and Recreation and Parenthood are back, and I’m looking forward to seeing who wins Project Runway… (go Dom!)



Thinking about:  How funny life can be – within the blink of an eye my life has gone from feeling miserable through stress at work, house hunting, etc, to suddenly – bam! happy occurrences.  I know it’s always swings and roundabouts, but gosh – it has been a crazy time.  I’ve started to box up everything we own and my head has been full of lists. I like lists.  But the amount of stuff to do is kinda overwhelming at times. I need to learn to delegate.



Reading:  I picked up World War Z again last night, as we’d recently had Dave’s copy returned by a friend.  I love books like this that are a series of vignettes, that you can pick up and put down when you wish to. Other than that, I’m still reading Game of Thrones, but I need to get into this habit of reading as well. I used to devour books but now everything else seems to get ahead of it.



Celebrating:  Wow, so!  We have a lot to celebrate.  We bought a house!  We fell in love with it (well I did, first) and then missed out at the bidding stage.  2 weeks later we get a surprise call when we were in York to say that the top bidder had pulled out!  We’re just finalising the mortgage, etc, and then we’ll be away!  We move in 4.5 weeks. Insane. I have so much to do!

Also celebrating the fact that I’ve just been cast in the lead role of Fiona in Brigadoon with Southern Light Opera!  It’s on at the end of February, and I couldn’t be more chuffed about it.



Making me happy:   Well apart from the obvious mentioned above, I am happy in general that things are perking up a bit. I was in a bit of a funk, but I’m coming through it, and working on not being so overwhelmed.  It’s also getting colder (I love long sleeves and soft jumpers… mmm…), but the weather has been pretty mild, and work is a bit calmer.  I’m looking forward to the exciting things that lay ahead for us in the next month.

Edited to say – And I’m so happy to live in such a beautiful place. These photos were taken on some of my tour for work of the north-west and north-east of Scotland.






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