Perfect Curl: my review


A few months ago I was forwarded a Youtube video of a new curling revolution:  the BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl.  I watched in awe as this wondrous machine pulled up a strand of hair, held it, curled it, and dropped it without much effort at all.  I then forgot about it, thinking – what a pipe-dream that would be for it to be that simple!

The Curl Secret is the consumer version, priced at £120 (compared to the £169 RRP for the Salon pro edition) and the differences between the two are very minimal – with the consumer version you get a longer warranty (the pro edition obviously gets more use/wear and tear) and there is a small difference in the heat settings/curl direction settings.  The Pro version allows you to choose from 3 heat settings, 3 timer settings, and whether you want to curl clockwise, anti-clockwise, or alternate between both.  This consumer version has 2 heat settings, 3 timer settings and always alternates the curl.  And as I always alternate direction for more natural-looking curls, that’s fine with me!


Edited to add:  This is my most-read post, so I’ll just add a comparison chart below to help anyone else who stumbles upon it:

Consumer version Salon Pro version
Price £120 £169
Warranty 5 years 1 year
Heat settings 2 3
Timer settings 3 3
Curl direction Alternate only Clockwise, anti-clockwise or alternate



babyliss secret curl perfect curl



My friend Christine purchased it a few weeks ago and said that she had tested it out and liked it, but also that her hair had gotten stuck at one stage, and her sister had to retrieve it from the machine with tweezers! I believe the salon version has a fail-safe for this to automatically release the hair, but the consumer version… well I’ll explain a bit further down.

She let me borrow it to give it a test.

To start with, your hair needs to be dry, clean (well clean of product, my hair is rarely “clean” with my wash schedule) and sections should be 3cm across. So, rather small.  I usually curl in large sections for bigger curls, splitting my hair into top/bottom and then 4 sections a side. For this I tied up the top half of my hair, separated my hair into two sides (over each shoulder) and just grabbed small pieces bit by bit, starting from the back.


babyliss curl secret pro(That should open the video in a separate window).  Apologies for the silly face. Heh.

The guide tells you to always aim the circular part (shown in picture above) towards your hair, put the section in and clamp down. Et voila!  The hair is swept into the device with a beep, then it beeps a certain amount of times (I used the “10” [seconds?] setting, so it beeped 4 times before it was ready to release), wait for the 4 quick beeps, then unclamp and carefully let the curl drop.  It’s really fast I would normally hold a section around my wand for at least 30-45 seconds to get the curl I want, and you’re holding it the whole time.  This is much easier and way quicker.  It took 10 minutes to get the lower half of my hair curled.

It’s important to note that you must completely relax your hand to unclamp before you let the hair out, as if you pull with the clamp shut, it ruins the curl – it’s still curly but it doesn’t work as well… it’s almost like using a straightener as you are keeping the hair taut and pulling it in a heated device.  Once you remember this, though, it’s very easy.

If the device doesn’t think the hair is in correctly, it’ll beep 4 times and not pull the hair up.  If it pulls it up and makes a wee grinding noise and then beeps 4 times immediately, you may be stuck.  This happened maybe 3 times.  The first time I panicked, turned the heat off and wiggled my hair out – it came out easily.  I brushed the strand again and tried again, with success.

The second time, I left it on and pulled the device away from my hair.  It didn’t want to come out, but it gradually was pulled through, probably leaving a few strands behind in the device, which isn’t the greatest.  The 3rd time, towards the end, it felt really stuck.  The trick is not to panic, release the clamp and simply pull the device away gently until the last stuck section (usually the end of your hair) is the last thing stuck. Then grab above the small bit that is stuck and pull out in pieces – not the whole thing. If you try and tug the whole thing, it’ll stay in there, but pulling out bit by bit, it comes easily and without any damage.


babyliss pro curl secret


Don’t let that put you off, however. The curls, while in smaller sections than I’d usually do, are tight, clean and curled right to the very ends.  My issue often is that I don’t like curls starting too near the crown, so I curl from partway down to get a nice wave, and can never get the ends completely wrapped around my curling wand, as I’d burn my fingers (and I’ve lost my “glove” that came with it).  The Curl Secret curls the ends very nicely, and you can start anywhere you like: curl from the crown, curl from partway down, curl just the ends.  I’d not recommend too close to the roots, though, in case getting unstuck is harder.


curl perfect pro secret

This morning I brushed the curls out into a nice wave and they have sprung back up, quite curly still!  I think the high heat on my not-perfectly-clean hair has helped them hold the curl, and my hair is so thick anyway, it works really well.  Above they are a bit fluffy from a day’s work but it’s the only shot I could get, thanks to a friend!

I understand why it’s for small sections only – obviously you’d get your hair really jammed if you used too much in there, which would worry me.  I’d love it however if they did release a large version/modified version for creating big loose curls, but the brushing seems to get me my normal result.

Let me know if any of you have tried it – I definitely think it’s the future of home curling.   Full details of the product and a wee video from the manufacturer can be found here.  This is not a sponsored post, but my own opinion after trying this out!






25 thoughts on “Perfect Curl: my review

  1. kath

    i just purchased mine yesterday, and used it for the very first time today! it was really good, i got the pro perfect version one which i bought in Sally’s salon for about £150, quite pricey i must admit…the curls are perfect however and i don’t even have to use any hair curling products (i have very straight hair which often needs about half a tin of hairspray when curling it) It got stuck a few times when i was doing my right side, panicked and goggled what to do (whilst holding the curler with one hand and still attached to my hair) took your advice of pulling it bit by bit…worked ok! few strands of hair left which i managed to pull out using tweezers. this happened a number of times, always on the same side, so i think i just need practice. overall, great product! 🙂

  2. Andrea

    Just used mine for the first time today and I am terrified to use it again! I just can’t get the hang of it, it jammed almost every single time and it scared me to death I panicked and pulled and it just kept trying to pull it back in! I also have bleached blonde hair which it snapped a load of it off after I had managed to get released from the product! I really like the concept of it and think I may give it one more go tomorrow but found it terrifying! Also I think I may need a friend to do it as I have horrible co-ordination when working in the mirror and couldn’t judge if it was in the machine correctly or not which resulted in many jams! And I found too because my hair is frizzy that once I had blow dried it I had to straighten it before I could then use it to curl which resulted in the few curls I managed dropping immediately!

    • Aw that sucks Andrea. Sounds like you need to stick with curling wands etc, instead. If it’s continually jamming you’re maybe trying to curl too much hair? and if it’s frizzy try a heat protecting spray and comb it, so it’s slightly damp from the spray and easier to handle.

      Fair enough if it doesn’t work, though, not every product works for everyone. Good luck.

      • Andrea

        I gave it one last go after a few hours break and am pleased to say it worked! 🙂 it’s pretty much trial and error and practice makes perfect! Think it’s a great product but definitely not worth the hefty price tag!

    • Hi Ruhi! Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been in New Zealand. As I say in the post, when this happens you need to pull small strands of hair out at a time, gently and slowly. You should be ok. If it doesn’t work for your hair, then fair enough! I’m no expert, I only shared what my experience was. Good luck using it.

  3. kimberley

    Hiya ladies I have this product and it was working fine then all of a sudden it’s making a really loud scrapping like noise any ideas? Ridiculous for the price no one is willing to help kim

  4. cherylchan

    Hello there! May I know if you ended up getting the Pro Perfect Curl or the Curl Secret? Which did you use for the pics above? Thanks! 🙂

  5. Valarie

    I was just wondering how you clean out the hair that naturallly gets stuck in it. I think there is some stuck because it is not turning all the time.

    • Hi Valarie

      As I said in the post, I actually was borrowing it, rather than owning myself – I imagine it would take tweezers and a lot of care to remove hair stuck in there! Might be a good idea to clean any hairs out after every use.

  6. natalie


    Any tips on doing the back of your head? I can do the front and sides with brilliant results but the back is awkward and I keep getting jammed.

    • Hi Natalie! I always divide my hair into sections, and hold the hair up when I do the back, or out to one side with my head tilted forward. If you struggle with it, I’d get a friend to help. Sometimes if you can see the piece of hair go in, you just have to trust it’ll come out okay! Hope it helps!

  7. Has anyone found that their hair is breaking off! My daughter loves her curler but her highlighted hair has started to break off even with using heat defence spray 😦

  8. Sarah Royle

    I’ve bought the pro curls today and used it once went back to reuse it and it just beeps all the time any clues what’s up with it worked great first time I used it

  9. anna82

    I guess you have had this device for a while and used it more than several times.
    I was wondering what is your hair condition at the moment, does this device drying , damaging or causing your ends to split? Is using it only when you go out safe? I would so much love to buy it but I am so afraid that it will damage my hair.
    Please anyone advise me.
    p.s my hair are shoulder length and healthy but I dye them black

    • Hi Anna

      My apologies, I said in the post that I’d borrowed them, I don’t own them. My friend however says that her hair isn’t any drier but then again she doesn’t use it often. I’d say it is probably as drying as using curling iron each time you go out. I’d recommend heat protection spray, regardless!

      Maybe someone else who sees the post will be able to clarify.

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