Links of the Week


103am Stuff I enjoyed around the internets lately (all open in new tabs/windows)…

Watch six minutes of really weird Japanese commercials. (Oh and is awesome, btw).

I’m never going to get tired of squirrels. I can’t wait to share the story/pictures of the squirrels I fed (!) in the Botanics a few weeks ago.

I re-posted this poem on my tumblr the other day and I think it’s beautiful.

I love the New Girl autotune.

I wanna do this to a t-shirt.

The Civilian (New Zealand’s version of The Onion, so if you’re not Kiwi, you may not get it) really makes me laugh sometimes.

Like hot drinks? Like cats?

Fascinating article about an unconventional video game that I will never, ever play.

Amy Poehler + Game of Thrones = win.

It’s fake, but still hilarious.

I tried to get #sweatybaws trending and failed miserably. Sweaty baws!

Man on toilet attacked by fox. With hilarious re-enactment photos.

High five to Taylor Swift for this one,

well done, Morrisons,

of course even more well done, Andy Murray (squeeze that toothpaste!)…

…and freaking huge kudos to Matthew Perry.




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