Watching:  Now that we’re back from holiday and in the house, we caught up on the finale of Game of Thrones which was a typical GoT finale (not as much happens as in the penultimate episode, ends with Daenerys moment).  And I mean (SPOILERS BE HERE…) I understand why it ended that way, but it was just boring. Okay sure, she has more peeps.  She’s got her army.  She’s bad ass. But. I just think it could have been a better ending.  It didn’t excite me to see the next season, though of course we’ll watch.

I have also been looking for new shows to watch as well as catching up with the old.   I’ve seen the first episode of Under the Dome which was seriously intriguing but I am hearing mixed/horrible reviews for the rest of the show.  Also started Newlyweds (lord help me) and Save Me which just makes me think of Pamie’s Call Me Crazy monologues, though it was amusing. I’ll give it my standard 3 episode try.  I’m also still watching The Bachelorette and am refusing to watch the last 3 episodes of Happy Endings as I am still so mad that it’s over.



Thinking about:  My album.  I’ve been back and forth with the engineer and listening to mixes/making comments etc and I think we’re getting really close to the mixes being perfect and ready to master/move on.  I’m so excited.  Are you excited??  I’m also thinking about all the adorable babies I’ve seen lately, but hey, that’s nothing new.  And dogs. I love every dog.  Can I please have a dog?

Reading:  Nothing new, just GoT.  Looking forward to starting book 3 soon.

Celebrating:  Today is the last day I work two jobs! Hurray! From Monday I train our new admin and then I back slowly, slowly away.

Making me happy:  Dave. Always always always. Sorry to get all soppy, but I always think I couldn’t love him any more and then bam! I do.


How YOU doin?




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