Watching:  As usual, I’m watching a gazillion shows.  D and I have been catching up on Season 4 of Castle and Season 3 of Happy Endings (which, SIGH, has been most unjustly cancelled) and in my free alone time I’ve been acquainting myself with Made in Chelsea and catching up on Adventure Time.  I am sadly also about to finish Smash.  RIP, Smash, you ridiculous mess.  And hey! The Bachelorette is back! And looks absurd as always.

Listening to:  The Natalie Maines solo album is really great.  More rock than country and the song choices are brilliant for her voice.  Her cover of Jeff Buckley’s Lover, You Should Have Come Over is simply stunning.  I’m also loving the newest edition of the Nashville soundtrack and every time I hear it I think about doing a country album someday.

Thinking about:  How my parents are with us next week.  That’s totally insane and very surreal.  I think because they put off booking it for so long I put it away in my mind as kinda a long-shot.  And then all the crazy planning/booking stuff happened which involved much more effort on my part than by their hopeless travel agent.  So hey.  It’s happening!  Exciting.

Reading:  still Game of Thrones, also just started Lauren Graham’s book (finally – I love her) and… the 5:2 diet book.



Celebrating:  This marvellous man above running 5 miles on 2 hours sleep, and finishing in 44 minutes. I mean, really. What a babe.  Also, holidays.  And picking up a new couch from IKEA on Friday (I love homewares!)



Making me happy:  Sunshine!  We have had some fairly nice weather over the last few weeks, interspersed with days of cloud and showers.  The wind is still around, but it’s so nice that it feels particularly Spring-like.  I have even had my legs out!  And the fake tanning is helping.  I keep being told I look “well” or “healthy”.  Geez.  Pale people are awesome, have less chance of skin cancers and age slower, y’all!  Scotland has a real tan fetish, though.  I wanted a glow for our holiday and to make me feel a bit better about my body at the moment – and it is making a difference (as is the new gym!)





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