Breaking the silence.


The quiet on the blog builds and builds until I just feel like I need to type.  My apologies for the delay. Things have been… tumultuous.

What’s happened in the last few weeks?



After settling back in after our rather rainy holiday (post on Cala d’Or with photos to come), I’ve been thrown head-first into my new job (while still doing my old one!).  It has been stressful and tiring and a juggling act.

I was put in charge of a large project while still technically employed in my old role and managed to get it together and pulled off and looking great on a very tight deadline, and then a manager from another department started picking (petty) holes in it and my team, despite the fact that when I began/completed the bulk of the work I wasn’t even being paid to do that job yet, and my new manager had only just started her role.

But.  It seems to have been resolved and I have less anxiety at the office and far less stomach knottage/tears threatening.



In other news, we are preparing for another holiday (insane to have no holidays for 9 months then 2 in such a short time) with my parents when they come over, which is super exciting.  They arrive in London 2 weeks tomorrow and we will be going down to meet them.  We’ll have a night there and then fly to Paris the next morning where we will collect the rental car and drive it down to Nevers/Decize to pick up our boat and start a week-long canal cruise through the Loire Valley!  Which sounds really posh compared to what holidays D and I usually go for/can afford.

After that week of jaunting about, we will return here to Edinburgh for a week to take them on small day trips and around the city.  They have been on a big Scotland tour before, around 7 years ago, but not with me so it should be fun to give them a bit of a tour.



Last week Bobby was laid to rest with a truly lovely service on a stunning spring day (above); his twin brother Tommy delivering one of the most beautiful eulogies I’ve ever heard.  Heart-breaking.



And with all of this stress and drama and exhaustion I just feel so very tired and headachey lately.  I just want to curl up and sleep for a week.  I’ve also taken to stress eating or not eating at all or eating just the worst food ever and I am not fitting any of my clothes.  Which makes me depressed.  Which makes it hard to eat right and exercise.  Which makes me depressed and negative, which is the opposite of how I want to be.

So.  I’ve tried to combat this feeling by being super productive or making changes to things that aren’t working for me – this week alone so far, I/we have:

– Quit my gym and joined a new one

– Cleaned out the bedroom

– Put several items of clothing in black bin bags for the charity shops and cleaned the other bags out of the shed

– Put my laptop out to pasture and moved the spare PC to be our “media PC”

– Picked out a new couch at IKEA and stocked up on frames/candles/kitchen stuff


This has helped my general feeling of ennui and with the sun shining so much I am definitely perking up.



And last but not least, the album.  Oh gosh.  I’ll need another post for that, but it has been intense and stressful and hopefully super rewarding.  The recording is done, so it’s time for mixing, and once that has been completed, we should have something great to work with.  Fingers crossed.



Coming soon:  Majorca, recording an album…




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