When I was much younger (like lots of kids, thinking anything over 17 was so old), I always thought at this age everyone had such adult conversations about adult things and their lives were much more serious.



Sure, many of us are married/engaged or thinking about having our own families, but of course you don’t suddenly just become this super “together” person with mature, adult ideals just because you are a certain age or at certain stage in your life.  I’ve always felt older/more mature/more traditional than friends, and part of that was my bizarre showbiz childhood, part of it was illness.  But I’m still not 100% all together. And that’s okay.

I’ve been thinking lately, since turning 29, that I am super lucky and even though it feels like it took forever for my life to feel like it’s on the track I wanted, it has been totally worth it for the experience.  There are things I want to change and learn from and places to grow, but I am better for my experiences- the good, the bad, and the ugly.



Things I have learned in the last year:

– Though I don’t have any wrinkles yet, I need to be better with what I eat if I don’t want to gain a surprise 5-7kg out of nowhere (coughcough).

– We all need to be a little kinder to each other, especially on the internet.  I find my relationships with faraway friends are strained at times, and I take things a little too hard, and that is because we only have that text medium between us.  I’m learning to not be so sensitive when they probably didn’t mean it the way I read it.

– You can imagine and plan and ask for help with your dreams and sometimes it works out amazing.

– Holidays in the rain and days off just in bed with TV are still amazing if you’re with someone you love.

– Do small things to pamper yourself/improve your self esteem like get lash extensions or have brow shaping done – silly but I feel so much prettier these days.

– I don’t need all the clothes in the world. No really, I don’t! Amazing, I know.  I am getting rid of so much that I just don’t wear.  Some really needs to be sold (possibly on ASOS marketplace?) but otherwise I will just be giving stuff away.



For me this year I feel it’s okay to be ambitious and aim high and fail if I fail.  It’s so scary to fail but life is scary and I am so excited that soon one of my life goals will be accomplished and I will have an album I can be proud of and that is loved/celebrated, even if just by me and my friends and family.  It’ll be an achievement regardless of how well it sells or where it takes me.

Aiming for even bigger goals next year!



And yes, I had a lovely, if not cold/windy/rainy birthday in Majorca, with my favourite birthday present being the shoes above that D bought me in Cala d’Or (so so in love).

More pics from our holiday to come.




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