I’m not particularly coherent today, so this may be rambly.

You think it happens to other soldiers, to other people you’ve never seen before.  You don’t know their faces, you don’t know their names.

It’s always a tragedy, but it’s a tragedy you’re removed from.  You tell yourself it happens to other soldiers (and other policemen) because the thought of the people that you love, or the family of people you love, dying putting their lives on the line… is just too much.  I refuse to think about something happening to Dave.

The thought of someone you love being killed, gunned down, blown up… is too horrible to imagine.  And then the one soldier you know… you think that he will be the one who is safe because in the law of averages, the one person you know in all of the thousands can’t possibly die, right?

Especially when he’s only a TA.  But most TAs don’t sign themselves up to go to Afghanistan and have such passion for it.

Sadly, our friend Bobby did sign up. He did go to Afghan.  And despite only 5 months of service, he was killed there this week.  He was a friend, a brother, a son, and a funny, wonderful human being.

His family are fantastic.  Dave was the best man for his brother Will at his wedding in Canada 4 years ago, and I’ve never met a more tight knit group of siblings who genuinely love hanging out together and care a great deal for each other.

It’s so surreal.  We weren’t close to Bobby and this is not about my grief but this feeling of deep, terrible sadness for this family.  I can’t help but grieve.  They are amazing and they just don’t deserve this.  No one deserves this.

It breaks my heart.





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