Sorry for the lack of blogging.  I have some stuff to blog about and drafts waiting, but I’m just so busy lately!  They will be written, I assure you.  But for now…



Watching:  I’ve really been enjoying Matthew Perry’s new show Go On, which is a great vehicle for him and an amusing mishmash of characters.  Dave and I are also still loving The Walking Dead, though they smush/squish/stomp on zombie heads far too often for my liking. Bleugh.  And we’re super excited about the return of Game of Thrones on Sunday.

Thinking about:  Our upcoming holiday!  I was finally able to put money my family gave us (that I spent on bills and then crawled back in pays over a few months) into a 5 night stay in Majorca for the end of April.  My birthday will hopefully be spent in the sunshine on a beach or by the pool or something.  D and I haven’t had a holiday together since last July, and I’m desperate for a break.  Can’t wait!  And the beach right by our hotel looks beautiful.

Reading:  Still a total failure at this, other than blogs.  I hope to settle in with a few good books in April, but so far all I read is work stuff!

Celebrating:  My new job – start date is April 17th!  And until then I’m on a slight pay boost while I complete a complicated project.

Making me happy:  Other than holiday thoughts, I’m looking forward to doing a clothing clear-out soon, I’ve got album planning underway and start rehearsing with musicians next week.  Woo!


What’s making you happy lately?




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