New beginnings


20130105-195042.jpg Well!

I have a new job!

(I didn’t see that happening so soon).

I’ve had to wait to say anything because I wanted it to be more… set in stone?  but my old position has been advertised and I’m all ready to sign.  I’ll start within the next 3 weeks, as they have just hired my new boss.  They think.  Hopefully.  Damnit, I hope I am not jinxing it.

This year I added the picture to the left to my resolutions post in hopes that I could find a role that was more fulfilling and had a better salary.

I’ve never really hated my job, or felt it was beneath me, or thought the salary was crap.  It’s not.  It was a leap above what I was on before, and the work was what I made it.  Over the last two years I have improved processes, changed the way my team works and greatly changed what I do day to day into something interesting.

But.  I am capable of more.  2 years is too long to do a job that doesn’t excite and challenge you on a long-term basis. And luckily my boss agrees.

So I’m not sure when I start.  But my new role involves more technical work, a creative aspect and less of the boring “bumf” that I do.  Oh and hopefully less event-related schtick.  I’m not into organising or working with events at all!

So hurray! Go me!

Tick that one off the list.




Coming soon:  police shift life, shul, being grateful/gracious and Shop My Closet.


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