Watching:  Honestly, my favourite thing just now is still The Bachelor.  Season after season, it is addictive and stupid, but this year I actually like all 3 finalists (and Sean).  I think he may pick Lindsay, but I just love Catherine.  She has such a quirky, dorky sense of humour.

Thinking about:  Seeing Dave tonight. Soppy and silly, but after not seeing him all week really, I am looking forward to dinner and a movie with him and some quality time.  I don’t think this is a bad thing for us, however, these separations. Everyone needs space in their relationship to miss each other every now and then, and ours just fall this way on the shift schedule.  More about shift life soon.

Reading:  Started to re-read a lot of my Jewish library, but to be honest, I really need to just get back on to Game of Thrones!

Celebrating:  Tonight is workout 3 of 4 this week and I’m not wanting to quit yet.  We’ll see how I go after 4 weeks (the minimum I give everything in my life!)…

Making me happy:  Silly things like new dresses, the colour purple, lipstick, sunsets, and the not-so-silliness of feeling in control of my life and my happiness.


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